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West Virginia Dumps BlackRock Fund Over Anti-Energy Stance BY BRECK DUMAS West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore announced Monday that his state would end the use of a BlackRock Inc. investment fund over the firm’s push for climate-focused investment strategies that Moore says threaten his state’s economy. “As the state’s chief financial officer and chairman of the Board of Treasury Investments, I have […]

Woke Capital Won’t Save the Planet – But It Will Crash the Economy By Rupert Darwall January 25, 2022 Judged by BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s latest letter, January 2022 might turn out to be the highwater mark of woke capitalism. Stakeholder capitalism is not “woke,” Fink says, because capitalism is driven by mutually beneficial relationships between businesses and their stakeholders. He’s right. What Fink describes is capitalism pure and […]

BlackRock CEO Laurence Fink: ‘Climate Change’ is a ‘defining factor’ in how BlackRock assesses companies – Touts ESG – Environmental, social & corporate governance It’s Not ‘Woke’ for Businesses to Think Beyond Profit, BlackRock Chief Says – DNyuz Laurence D. Fink, the founder and chief executive of the investment giant BlackRock, has become one of the most influential voices in business over the past decade in pushing corporate leaders to think beyond profits, to their social purpose. … […]