Dr. Roger Pielke: ‘Neither the UN IPCC nor the US National Climate Assessment have high confidence in detection or attribution of trends in heat waves is the US’

Neither the IPCC nor the US National Climate Assessment have high confidence in detection or attribution of trends in heat waves is the US So either the IPCC is wrong or the media/activist scientists are wrong. Pick one.https://t.co/5ArB5GJdML pic.twitter.com/JHfW7zQOjg — The Honest Broker (@RogerPielkeJr) July 25, 2023 The latest from World Weather Attribution on recent […]

Watch: Morano on Fox News w/ Jesse Watters on how arsonists are responsible for ‘climate’ wildfires – Not ‘climate change’ – ‘There are other forces at work’

  Watch the latest video at foxnews.com Fox News Channel – Jesse Watters Primetime – Broadcast July 28, 2023 – 04:26 Are arsonists responsible for global wildfires? ‘The Green Fraud’ author Marc Morano says there are ‘other forces at work’ as wildfires rage across the planet on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’     Rough Transcript: Jesse […]

Dumpster Diving NASA Scientist Peter Kalmus: ‘Biden must declare a climate emergency’ – Admits he has ‘bottomless grief’ because ‘we are losing Earth’ & seeks to ‘end’ fossil fuels

https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2023/jul/27/joe-biden-climate-emergency-peter-kalmus By Peter Kalmus Excerpts: I’m terrified by what’s being done to our planet. … I’ve dreaded this depth of Earth breakdown for almost two decades, and, like many of my colleagues, I’ve been trying to warn you. As hard as I could. Now it’s here. … I only feel fury at those in power, and bottomless grief for […]

Hillary Clinton implies you can vote yourself better weather! Hillary: ‘Hot enough for you? Thank a MAGA Republican. Or better yet, vote them out of office’

Hot enough for you? Thank a MAGA Republican. Or better yet, vote them out of office. https://t.co/0MFC6rPq6o — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) July 25, 2023   Newsflash, Hillary: July is hot – Marc Morano of Climate Depot takes great exception to news outlets like the Associated Press claiming that “climate change leaves fingerprints on July heat waves around […]

‘It is terrifying’: UN chief declares: ‘The era of global boiling has arrived’ – ‘The era of global warming has ended’ – ‘Children swept away by monsoon rains’

https://www.theblaze.com/news/un-antonio-guterres-global-boiling By ALEX NITZBERG United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres promoted the climate alarmism agenda during remarks on Thursday, even using the term “global boiling” during his speech. “Climate change is here. It is terrifying. And it is just the beginning,” he warned. “The era of global warming has ended,” he asserted. “The era of global […]

Analysis: Antarctic sea ice extent ‘record low’ due to ‘wind patterns’ – ‘Sea ice is actually thicker than normal’ as ‘the ice edge’ being ‘squeezed closer together’ – Sea ice volume ‘is NOT lowest on record’

https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2023/07/28/antarctic-sea-ice-volume/ Antarctic Sea Ice Volume JULY 28, 2023 By Paul Homewood h/t Euan Mearns As we know, Antarctic sea ice extent has been at record lows recently: https://nsidc.org/data/seaice_index # Paul Homewood: As I surmised yesterday, the ice retreat may be due to wind patterns, which blow the ice towards the pole. This is something which often […]

Meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue mocks study claiming heatwaves were ‘virtually impossible’ without ‘climate change’ – ‘I guess politicizing the weather means we have to suspend disbelief and erase the past’

  https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1683722910165237761.html Without climate change, July's summer heat in the U.S. Southwest would have been "virtually impossible." I guess that's true if you memory hole 1925, 1930s, 1950s, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2012, 2020, etc. and the rest of the almanac. https://t.co/SSQz6Md0V8 pic.twitter.com/pWMfpw4gf0 — Ryan Maue (@RyanMaue) July 25, 2023   The Dust Bowl of […]

Extreme Weather Expert Pielke Jr. rips Wash Post claim of hottest ‘world record’ ocean temp – ‘No it is not a world record. It’s not even highest at that station in past 6 years’

Science journalism is broken No it is not a world recordIt’s not even the highest at that station in the past 6 years When did journalists and editors stop doing journalism and start turning incorrect but viral Tweets into headlines? Recipe for misinformation pic.twitter.com/GIKspjOdmC — The Honest Broker (@RogerPielkeJr) July 26, 2023

‘Unprecedented Propaganda’: ‘Phoenix previous record of 18 consecutive days over 110F was set in 1974, the same week Time Mag was warning of new ice age’

https://realclimatescience.com/2023/07/unprecedented-propaganda/ Unprecedented Propaganda By Tony Heller “Record-breaking temperatures are hitting multiple cities. Phoenix recorded an unprecedented nineteen consecutive days over 110 degrees. Death Valley reached 128 on Sunday. Records are falling everywhere. It’s not your imagination: This is not a typical summer.” Is climate change to blame for summer 2023’s record heat? Yes. The percent […]

Media Chases ‘Climate Enhanced’ Heat Waves, Misses Data Showing They are Less Frequent

https://climaterealism.com/2023/07/media-chases-climate-enhanced-heat-waves-misses-data-showing-they-are-less-frequent/ By  Anthony Watts A number of media outlets are claiming that U.S. heatwaves are getting worse this week due to climate change. This is false. Actual data from temperature measurements show that heatwaves in the U.S. are on the decline even as climate change has occurred over the last 75 years. It is summer […]