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Giving rights to rivers – Granting ‘legal personhood’ to nature!? UK government declares No Way! ‘It is a fundamental principle for the UK and one from which we cannot deviate’ By Henry Bird – Newsletter writer, The Times of UK Excerpt: Last week, a UK government delegate stood up at the UN and declared that the British government would never recognize that nature has rights. “It is a fundamental principle for the UK and one from which we cannot deviate,” he said, ruling out […]

Analysis: Net Zero is a war on the working class

Via Net Zero Watch: James Woudhuysen: Net Zero is a war on the working class Spiked, 27 February 2024 We are sleepwalking towards a social and economic catastrophe. It’s official. Net Zero will make us poorer. A new report finds that the British government’s climate-change policies are likely to ‘make the poor poorer, and push struggling communities […]

Politico: ‘Democrats pushed climate action. Then utility bills skyrocketed’ – ‘Electricity bills are biting lawmakers in coastal, Democratic-leaning districts’

Politico: California Democrats proudly authored nation-leading clean energy goals that forced the automobile industry to go electric and shaped global climate policy. Then the bill came due. There is intensifying political pressure on state lawmakers to do something about utility bills that have shot up by as much as 127 percent over the last decade. … “Californians are fed up,” said Democratic state Assemblymember Marc Berman at a recent news conference in Sacramento. .. Lawmakers there and in other Democratic states with nation-leading climate objectives — like New York and Massachusetts — are scrambling to make their transitions from fossil fuels affordable before they face an all-out ratepayer revolt. …

“Absolutely high rates can threaten the energy transition, and we should be very concerned,” said Matt Baker, director of the California Public Utilities Commission’s Public Advocates Office. “The energy transition depends on public support, and we have to do whatever we can to maintain that public support. That means doing it in the least-cost manner.” Baker said the state hasn’t seen rate hikes like these since the 1970s. …

California’s largest utility, Pacific Gas and Electric, raised its rates over the winter by an average of about $34 per month, or a 127 percent increase over 10 years. A fifth of its customers are behind on their bills, according to an analysis from Baker’s office. The state’s two other major investor-owned utilities are also seeking increases.

‘Like A Warzone’: Farmers Surround EU Headquarters Building BY TYLER DURDEN The mephitis of manure, melting tires and malodorous teargas pervaded downtown Brussels this Monday morning as angry farmers encircled the European Union’s headquarters. This protest coincides with a meeting of the bloc’s agriculture ministers. The farmers are expressing their anger over the EU’s disastrous green policies. Hundreds of Belgian farmers on […]

Cambridge U. Climate Scientist Dr. Mike Hulme Denounces ‘Climate Emergency’ As ‘Noble Lie’ Dr. Mike Hulme says scientists and activists are exaggerating the threat By PHOEBE SMITH Politicians and activists alike have warned of a looming climate catastrophe for decades. “Biden urged to declare climate change a national emergency,” reported NBC last year. “Climate Changes Threatens Every Facet of U.S. Society, Federal Report Warns,” announced Scientific American. Cambridge University […]

Study: Elevation Of Early Holocene’s W. Antarctic Ice Sheet Once Plunged 480 Meters In 200 Years — When CO2 levels were much lower than today – Dwarfing any retreat rates of modern era

The Elevation Of The Early Holocene’s W. Antarctic Ice Sheet Once Plunged 480 Meters In 200 Years By Kenneth Richard on 26. February 2024 Retreat rates for the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) were massive during the Early Holocene, when CO2 concentrations were low and stable (~265 ppm), dwarfing any retreat rates witnessed in the modern era. New […]

Climate dissenting scientists fight back on ‘fact-check’ attempt to silence them

Our detailed (62 page!) response to Science Feedback's latest "fact-check" attack on the CERES-Science group: Relevant links1) The "fact-check" we were responding to: 2) The "fact-check" was about @TCNetwork's interview with Dr.… — Dr. Ronan Connolly (@1RonanConnolly) February 21, 2024

Suddenly activists concerned about unborn children?! Peer-reviewed study: ‘Climate change increases the risk of preterm births by 60% & will devastate children’s health without fast global action’ Increased numbers of preterm births, higher incidence of respiratory disease and death, and more children in hospitals are some of the stark health outcomes the world is facing from the impacts of extreme climate change. Peer-Reviewed Publication FLINDERS UNIVERSITY IMAGE:  IMPACT OF TEMPERATURE EXTREMES ON CHILDREN’S HEALTH. CREDIT: FLINDERS UNIVERSITY. view more   CREDIT: IMPACT OF […]

Biden’s Signature Climate Bill Has Been A Boon To China’s Battery Market By  Tim Pearce President Joe Biden’s signature climate bill, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), has been a boon for China’s battery market. Biden signed the bill into law in August 2022. The legislation created a bevy of green energy subsidies meant to transition United States energy usage away from fossil fuels and, according to Biden weeks before […]