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Climate activists hope to prod Biden to exit race – ‘To converge at Biden’s campaign HQ in Delaware’

Activists with the group Climate Defiance plan to protest at President Joe Biden’s campaign headquarters in Delaware as they urge him to drop out of the race.


 | 07/10/2024 04:31 PM EDT

E&E NEWS PM | Climate activists are rallying supporters to converge at President Joe Biden’s campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, as they urge the president to drop his reelection bid.

The group that has protested Biden administration officials to demand more action to combat climate change is now calling on Biden to end his campaign following his debate against former President Donald Trump.

“To save our democracy and our climate we must defeat Trump,” Climate Defiance founder and Executive Director Michael Greenberg told supporters in an email. “And the way to do that is to replace Biden.” The group is encouraging activists to protest at Biden’s campaign headquarters next Monday.

This is “a fork in the road,” Greenberg said. “Do we continue with a feeble candidate … ? Or do we unite behind someone who can energize voters and end the era of fossil fuels?”

It’s not just Biden they’re urging to drop out of the race.

The group would like both Trump and Biden to exit the contest, Greenberg wrote. Trump’s “candidacy sets us up for catastrophe.” But “Biden is the one we can move. So we will go to Wilmington. We will move him. We still have hope.”


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