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The $7.5 Billion Nationwide 500,000 EV Charger Charade By Geoffrey Pohanka The word charade has several meanings, and including an act or event that is clearly false (Cambridge Dictionary), something done just for show (, or a situation in which people pretend that something is true when it clearly is not (Oxford Leaner’s Dictionary). The charade I refers to is President Biden’s […]

Wash Times Editorial Board: ‘Declaring independence from hoaxes’ – ‘Let’s put the climate change fantasy to rest’ – ‘What’s being sold as science isn’t science at all’ By Editorial BoardWednesday, July 3, 2024OPINION: Two hundred forty-eight years ago, America declared independence from the idea we needed to be governed by a king. Our Founding Fathers realized a freethinking people are perfectly capable of governing themselves. It was a revolutionary concept in every sense of the word. Today, tyranny no longer emanates […]

Watch: 1982 Dan Rather’s CBS News report warning of ‘the so called greenhouse effect’ causing Florida to be flooded & a ‘widespread disruption of agriculture’

42 Years Ago CBS Told The World Earth’s Temperature Was Rising Out Of Control Due To Burning Coal & Oil 25% of Florida is about to be flooded and a “widespread disruption of agriculture” is coming It’s been 42 years and literally nothing has changed. “Concerned about rising… — Wall Street Apes (@WallStreetApes) July […]

Climate protestor claims: ‘The physical act of putting greenhouse gases into the air…is a crime – the greatest crime in human history’

This is what I have been up to this week. Making clear that the physical act of putting greenhouse gases into the air is an objective reality not a matter ideology, belief or politics. It is a crime – the greatest crime in human history. Obviously. — Roger Hallam (@RogerHallamCS21) July 3, 2024 A […]

CNN’s Bill Weir on hurricane Beryl forming during hurricane season: ‘This is just the result of an overheating planet’ – Meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue slams: ‘How can you be this dumb?’

Jamaica has never seen hurricanes like Beryl before according to CNN’s climate expert. How can you be this dumb? — Ryan Maue (@RyanMaue) July 3, 2024     Hurricane Gilbert [1988] almost 40-years ago was the 2nd strongest hurricane in the Atlantic history, and was the costliest, most damaging recent storm in Jamaica. […]