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The Rejection of Environmentalism is a driving force behind the surging ‘Far Right’ vote in Europe

By Jo Nova

Le Pen has weaponized ‘punitive’ environmental policies, and voters seem to like that

In the largest turnout since 1981, French voters chose the “Far Right” National Rally party in a record vote of 33 per cent. It is the first round of voting with the second on July 7th, but The Washington Post is already comparing the potentially “shocking” French election result with the 2016 Brexit win in the UK. The Guardian said the unthinkable has become plausible.

French elections: Why is the rejection of environmentalism a driving force behind France’s far-right vote?

By , Le Monde

After long neglecting environmental issues, the far-right party has made the denunciation of allegedly ‘punitive’ environmental policies into its new electoral weapon.

 The former presidential candidate railed against “Brussels,” which “forces you, almost overnight, to change your boiler for €15,000,” against the “authoritarian reductions to agricultural land” and against the “heartless European Commission.”

“Don’t they have as their objective the reduction of human activity as a whole?” she asked, before connecting the issue to her obsession with French people’s daily lives, a strategy that has brought the RN to the threshold of coming to power. “It’s always the same logic of degrowth, which leads them to ban the sale of internal combustion engines in 2035, and thus deliberately program the sacking of our automotive industry and dependence on China,” she continued.

Long downplayed or mocked, environmental issues are now a core part of the RN’s political strategy.

Pierre Haski, in the Guardian: “This is a real tragedy”

Macron is history, Le Pen is triumphant. What do ‘reasonable’ French voters like me do now?

… I always had the naive idea that “reasonable” people, from the right as well as from the left, would never let them win. …I woke up this morning to a different country, one in which the Le Pen clan is at the gates of power.

We can also wonder why this country, with its many assets, has generated enough anger and resentment among its citizens to produce an election result that is more likely to damage its economy and social cohesion than solve real problems. We can also question a French political elite that was so blind it let the far right prosper in large corners of a society that felt forgotten and despised.

Reasonable people live in the cities of course, and delusional people farm the land.

All of this is true, and is being discussed everywhere now in France, among friends, colleagues and in our family circles. Everyone is looking in the mirror and wondering what to do next Sunday in the second round. At the very least, we’ll have to learn to live in a divided land where the National Rally controls small towns and vast areas of rural France, while the “reasonable” people have the upper hand in major cities including Paris. This is a real tragedy.

Imagine learning to live in a “land divided”?

Indeed, according to CarbonBrief  this is Marine Le Pens tragic manifesto — something about protecting the standard of living:

RN climate policy

Their original policies (in French): Rassemblement National.

PS: Forgive me, I forgot to mention the obvious, but it needs to be said: “Far Right” and “Extreme Right”, as applied to a third of the population, are just the fake labels of the word-smithing liars on the left. Sleepy voters in-the-middle may be fooled by this cheap name-calling tactic, scared of voting for something “extreme”. But liars are vulnerable — every time we point out the lie, they pay the price.

Photo Macron: Defense Visual Information Distribution Service