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Michael Shellenberger: ‘CNN must now retract its garbage article & apologize for its central role in giving millions of children climate anxiety’ – ‘Al Gore should apologize for lying to billions of people about the Maldives’

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Over the last two decades, scientists and the media published thousands of articles claiming that climate change would destroy small atoll islands due to sea level rise.

And the climate change was our fault. “You’re making this island disappear,” claimed @CNN
It was all a big lie. Scientists have known since 2018 that, “Over the past decades, atoll islands exhibited no widespread sign of physical destabilization in the face of sea-level rise.”
And now, six years after scientists published that study, which found that 89% of the islands were stable or had increased in size, the New York Times has finally informed its readers of this “surprising climate find.”
In truth, it’s only “surprising” to readers of New York Times, CNN, and the rest of the mainstream news media because they brainwashed their readers into believing that the islands were disappearing, causing an epidemic of adolescent climate anxiety culminating in the toxic disinformation of @GretaThunberg

The Times writes today that “atoll nations like the Maldives… seemed doomed to vanish… Of late, though, scientists have begun telling a surprising new story.”

Of late? The year 2018 is “of late”? No, it’s not.

There was never evidence that the islands were disappearing; it was only a theory. The scientists simply assumed that sea level rise was the only factor in the size of islands and denied the obvious reality that islands can grow.Image

They said that climate change was “killing” the Great Barrier Reef.
In truth, there is more coral on the Great Barrier Reef than at any point since they started studying it.Image

They said climate change was making wildfires more intense.

In truth, better forest management to reduce wood fuel accumulation makes them less intense, even with hotter temperatures, as everyone always knew:


You can’t trust the news media to report the truth on climate change.

You have to dig into the facts.

I did so in my bestselling book, Apocalypse Never, which was translated into 16 languages and sold in 18 nations.

I was censored for telling the truth, which is finally coming out.…Image

.@CNN must now retract its garbage article by @jdsutter and apologize for its central role in giving millions of children climate anxiety.Image

.@algore should apologize for lying to billions of people about the Maldives and giving climate anxiety to millions of children.

One of the “most-shocking parts of the movie, a sequence of imagery depicting flooding scenarios driven by projected sea-level rise, is becoming very real—especially in some of the low-lying islands in the Pacific and the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.”Image



President @JoeBiden is a Climate Disinformation Superspreader, and according to the policies pursued by his administration, he should be aggressively censored by social media platformsImage
The New York Times is a climate disinformation superspreader and, according to its own editorial line, social media platforms should censor it aggressively.Image

.@AP & @washingtonpost : Climate Disinformation Superspreaders

Both advocate social media censorship and thus they should be censored for their relentless disinformation effortsImage

.@Reuters, small island governments, and International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea are Climate Disinformation Superspreaders and grifters. They should all be censored, according to the the rules proposed by Biden, @nytimes @washingtonpost and the rest of the regime.Image
.@guardian @TheEconomist Climate Disinformation SuperspreadersImage
@guardian @TheEconomist .@AFPFactCheck Climate Disinformation SuperspreaderImage
.@WorldBank Climate Disinformation SuperspreaderImage

@WorldBank .@60MinutesAUS Climate Disinformation Superspreader

@YouTube should, according to its own policies, attach a warning label to this disinformationImage

@WorldBank @60MinutesAUS @YouTube The government-funded pro-censorship hacks at @CEDMOhub are Climate Disinformation Superspreaders and should be censored, according to their own position on censoring disinformation

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