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Watch: Morano on Rebel TV: Bill Gates: The WHO’s #1 funder & Gates has ‘his tentacles in every aspect of our society’ – Involved in ‘climate, agriculture, vaccines, blocking the sun & lockdowns’

By Rebel News

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has expanded his influence far beyond the computer technology industry since bursting to fame with the Windows operating system.

Gates’ influence and connections to global organizations and projects was a topic of discussion on Monday night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, a feature interview with Climate Depot’s Marc Morano.

Looking at Gates’ role as the primary funder of the World Health Organization, Marc told Ezra how the tech mogul is involved in so many different projects — many of which have questionable value to individual freedom and personal liberty:

Bill Gates, involved in agriculture, involved in the vaccines, involved in blocking the sun through research through Harvard University. Involved with the World Health Organization. I mean, he’s got his fingers and tentacles in every aspect of our society. Involved in censorship, involved in pushing the COVID lockdowns.

He’s telling the West, if anyone wants to know what to do in the next outbreak, Bill Gates’ answer is simple: copy what Australia did, follow Australia’s model. And Australia was probably the most totalitarian response to COVID next to China, maybe a close third next to Canada.