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Gassy cows & pigs will face a carbon tax in Denmark, a world first

Update: Denmark’s fart tax on cows & pigs related to their ‘government-led action plan’ to push fake meat (‘plant-based’ foods) COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Denmark will tax livestock farmers for the greenhouse gases emitted by their cows, sheep and pigs from 2030, the first country to do so as it targets a major source […]

The Big Lie: Trillions of dollars flushed down the toilet for an ‘energy transition’ that isn’t happening Wall Street Journal (6/24/23) editorial:  “Despite extravagant hype, the green-energy transition from fossil fuels isn’t happening. Achieving a meaningful shift with current policies is too costly. We need to change policy direction entirely.  Globally, we spent almost $2 trillion in 2023 to try to force an energy transition. Over the past decade, solar and wind energy use […]

We can and must adjust to climate change – and not kill billions By PAUL DRIESSEN Earth’s climate has changed many times over four billion years, and 99.999% of those changes occurred before humans were on this planet. During that short time, humans adjusted their housing, clothing and agriculture in response to climate changes. Can we now control the climate? Except for decades-long droughts or massive volcanic explosions that ended some […]

Business World Begins U-Turn on Climate Targets – ‘ESG investing failed to live up to the hype’ & ‘Wind & solar suffered a massive stock crash’ By Irina Slav Oil Price The Energy Institute’s Statistical Review of World Energy showed global emissions are still on the rise while the total share of alternative energy sources dubbed renewable in the global mix remains small. In just a few short years, ESG investing failed to live up to the hype, wind and solar […]

Analysis: Five Energy Failures Biden Needs You to Forget By Larry Behrens RealClearEnergy Let’s just be clear: everyone knows Joe Biden’s energy failures extend well beyond the five listed here. However, in an effort to create a discussion even the Biden sycophants at CNN can understand, here are the top lowlights: Joe Biden Drained the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) No other President drew more […]

Biden-favored California EV startup Fisker files for bankruptcy The company said “macroeconomic headwinds” prevented the company from operating efficiently, and selling its assets under Chapter 11 is the most viable option for the company to move forward. After bleeding cash in an attempt to increase production of its Ocean SUV, electric-vehicle startup Fisker announced it has filed for bankruptcy. “Fisker has made […]

Stephen Moore: Climate change movement goes to court — will judges ban fossil fuels?  By Stephen Moore Things aren’t going well at all for the global warming crusaders. Despite hundreds of billions of tax dollars spent on green energy over the past decade, the world and America used more fossil fuels than ever before in history last year. The electric vehicle movement is stalled out, solar and wind […]