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Author ELIZABETH NICKSON: ‘If not stopped, Greens will become the most brutal oppressors & genocidal maniacs in human history’

The Epic Bullshit of Catastrophic Climate Change
COP 28 is the Codification of Elite Hate, and Lies all the Way Down.


Nickson, author of Eco-Fascists: How Radical Conservationists Are Destroying Our Natural Heritage

Excerpt: In Dubai at Cop 28, they devised a slave system for the world.

Such are the fruits of the modern environmental movement. Wherever they go, they destroy. In Dubai this past week, at Cop 28, they devised a slave system for the world. After their globalist system is in place, the only people who will make money will be the cartels. It’ll take a couple of decades, but our world will be a slave state run by criminals, just like my gorgeous province that both sets of paternal great grandparents settled in the 1880’s when there were 4,000 people in Vancouver. They built the water systems, clear cut the neighborhoods, built churches, founded schools and the hospital and made a welcoming city replete with one hundred years of peace and prosperity. Now, fathers are knifed in front of their children outside of Starbucks, and people lie on streets dying from fentanyl and native women are so desperate they prostitute themselves to serial killers, organ harvesters and slavers. All that goodness extinguished under violence and greed and, above all, the wilful ignorance of the comfortable. Many, many cities are experiencing the same and under COP28 it will get worse.

The cartels will pay for everything: science, health care, education, pensions and they will take a piece of each and determine what is allowed to happen. They will own energy, they will own health, they will own education.

Because our entire culture will have fallen. No one will make money beyond their pittance, allowance, that makes it possible to buy cheap consumer goods from their slave factories in Asia and Africa. There will be no independent businesses, there will be no “local” economies. We will be an enslaved earth.

No doubt, the CEOs of multinationals who are engineering this transformation think ‘I’m so smart that I can continue to do business, make money and be virtuous enough to be invited to Steven Spielberg’s summer parties in the Hamptons!’

No, you idiot. You will be replaced by a cartel member who is willing to kill every member of your family until you resign. Or you will be owned by said cartel member. But hey, the cartels are diverse! They come from every race (though mostly Mexican and Asian here). And, like sensible people, they use Wasps like W. or quasi-Wasps like RFKjr, as their unwitting face and administrators. And they have the best lawyers.

In the crudest analysis, that’s what happened in Russia after the fall of communism: cartels took over and now Russian cartels terrorize Europe and the eastern seaboard. In China, same thing. Read retired diplomat Ian Hamilton’s series of novels. The face of the Middle Kingdom may be Mr. Pooh Bear, but its reality is indescribable levels of violence, coercion and theft. No one is free in China, they are all under the boot heel, not of communism but of the cartels.

This is the product of communism and the left. By selling self-hate, faux compassion and the endless fulsome attack on the only free country the world has ever seen, they are destroying us.

This week, Netflix released Leave the World Behind, the first of the fictional films from the Obamas’ studio to a chorus of accusations of predictive programming from the populist right. The more sober pointed out the racism inherent in the film, the immediate hatred the black girl feels for the white family she is forced to live with. “Promise me Daddy, when the SHTF, you won’t trust whitey.’ (I paraphrase)

But here’s the money shot of the film, its raison d’etre, its deepest layer, its hate for humanity, black and white. When Julia Roberts, who plays a terrifying hatchet-faced woman, is asked by the angry black girl:

“Why are you like this? Why are you so angry all the time?”

Roberts replied

“All day, every day, I sell things to people they don’t really need. My whole job is to understand people well enough to learn how to lie to them so I can sell them things they don’t really want. And when you study people like that you see who they really are, how they really treat each other….we fuck each other over all the time without even realising it, we fuck every living thing on this planet over and think it will be fine because we use paper straws and order free range chicken.

“And the sick thing is, I know deep down we know we’re not fooling anyone. I think we know we’re living a lie, an agreed upon mass delusion to help us ignore and keep ignoring, how awful we really are.”

COP28 is a lie and they know it. They are lying to us. Hundreds of thousands of scientists, policy makers and activists, politicians like John Kerry are blatantly lying to us. They will destroy western civilization in order to prosecute this lie. And they will do it without guilt, while revelling in hate and luxury.

If not stopped, Greens will become the most brutal oppressors and genocidal maniacs in human history.