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Watch: Morano on Fox on cutting down 100-Year-Old Joshua Trees: ‘Green energy will continue to destroy the environment in the name of somehow saving it’

Green energy is the ‘politically favorite’ energy: Marc Morano – executive editor Marc Morano discusses the Biden administration’s green energy policy and Vermont’s polluter laws on ‘The Bottom Line.’

Fox Business – The Bottom Line – Broadcast June 4, 2024 

Environmentalists to Destroy 100-Year-Old Joshua Trees to Make ‘Green’ Solar Energy Farm

Morano: This is 2300 acres clearing these 100-year-old Joshua’s all signal today. The net-zero climate agenda. This makes no sense this happened also in the Mojave Desert. They’re worried about the endangered desert tortoise. They were worried about it the Mojave Desert, but green energy gets a pass. The same thing is happening in Southern California. All the Endangered Species laws — everything goes out the window. The same was offshore wind. They can do whatever they want with green energy because it’s essentially the politically favorite energy that can bypass all the bureaucratic regulations, which is quite amazing. And, of course, they bypass all the local residents who didn’t want this eyesore coming into their community…green energy will continue to destroy the environment in the name of somehow saving it.

New Vermont Law Charges Oil Companies for SPECIFIC Weather Events It Attributes to Climate Change

Morano: What’s definitely going to happen is they’re going to have higher energy costs to do nothing. This bill could have been vetoed by the governor. He chose not to a Republican governor, but what they’re doing is every single bad weather event, they’re going to say we blame this on Exxon or the hurricane. We blame that on the Chevron. It’s scientifically impossible to determine this. The original bill said we’re going to base it on the best available science. The final bill eliminated the best available; they could just use any scientific nonsense they want. And this bill is going forward, and all it’s going to do is raise the cost of energy for these poor Vermonters, and the co-sponsor said we want to keep fossil fuels in the ground. That is not the way anyone in the Northeast is going to want to go through winter. But this is a shakedown ultimately, and that’s what people need to understand.