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Debunking claims of ‘Hottest Summer For 2000 Years’

Hottest Summer For 2000 Years?

By Paul Homewood


This latest story is conclusive evidence that climate “science” has lost all scientific credibility, and is no more than politicized propaganda:


The summer of 2023 was the hottest for 2,000 years in the northern hemisphere, according to new Cambridge University analysis.

Humanity has not known hotter weather since the early days of the Roman Empire and the birth of Jesus Christ, the latest study shows.

Overall, last summer was 2.2°C hotter on land than the average temperatures for the years between 1AD and 1890AD, when the industrial revolution was in full swing, pumping huge amounts of climate warming greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.

It was also almost 4°C hotter than the coldest summer in 536AD – when an ash cloud from a volcanic eruption is thought to have caused temperatures to plunge.

‘When you look at the long sweep of history, you can see just how dramatic recent global warming is,’ said co-author Professor Ulf Büntgen, from Cambridge’s Department of Geography.




Reliable weather records produced by scientific instruments only date back to 1850 when the industrial revolution was getting under way.

But by analysing tree rings, scientists were able to calculate how hot summers have been by the growth of the tree ring and chemical composition of the wood.

Trees have narrower growth periods – creating narrower rings – during cold periods and wider rings during hot periods.


Paul Homewood comments: 

So they claim to know the exact temperature of the NH to hundredths of a degree for the last 2000 years just by using tree rings, something that we do not even know now.

And tree rings are pretty much useless as an indicator of temperature, because they can vary in width because of changes in precipitation, not to mention CO2.

But what we do know about the climate that far back strongly suggests it has been much warmer during that time.

We know for instance that Greenland was considerably warmer than now during both Roman and Medieval times:

And we also know the same applies across the Arctic as a whole:

Pollen data from Sweden tells the same story:

Tree line studies confirm a much warmer climate in California and the Alps


HH Lamb

And as glaciers in Alaska recede they are uncovering remains of forests dating back to the Middle Ages:



These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Many other studies come to similar conclusions.

Real scientists must be horrified by the abuse of the scientific process, which is all too common nowadays in the climate establishment.