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Hollywood accused of climate denial!? STUDY: ‘Only 32 of the Top Movies in the Last Decade Say Climate Change Exists’

IndieWire: Only 9.6 percent of 250 films analyzed passed a Bechdel Test created for climate change. Last month, non-profit group Good Energy launched what it called a Bechdel Test for Climate Change, a simple set of criteria designed to determine if it was clear climate change was present in a film. The real Allison Bechdel even endorsed it.

As part of the “Climate Reality Check,” just three movies nominated for Oscars this year passed the test’s two simple rules: “Climate change exists” and “a character knows it.” Now a more extensive study published by Good Energy and Colby College’s Buck Lab for Climate and Environment has analyzed 250 of the top grossing movies between 2013 and 2022 under the same criteria.

Global warming has been with us for a while now, but only 12.8 percent — 32 of the 250 films studied in that time span — even passed the first criteria saying that climate change exists. Only 24 films, or 9.6 percent, passed both criteria of the test.