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Study: Clearer skies may be accelerating global warming – Declining pollution causing warming – ‘Earth’s skies are getting clearer & letting in more sunshine’ Excerpt: A new study, published Wednesday in Communications Earth & Environment, suggests one reason for such an acceleration: Earth’s skies are getting clearer and letting in more sunshine. The study was prompted by a set of NASA instruments in space that since 2001 have tracked the delicate balance of energy entering and leaving the […]

UN vs. UN: UN climate chief declares humans have ‘two years to save the world’ – But UN scientist rubbishes UN claim as ‘meaningless rhetoric’ & ‘counterproductive’


United Nations executive climate secretary Simon Stiell: “Who exactly has two years to save the world? The answer is every person on this planet,” Stiell said.

“‘Two years to save the world’ is meaningless rhetoric — at best, it’s likely to be ignored, at worst, it will be counterproductive,” said Princeton University climate scientist Michael Oppenheimer, who is also a professor of international affairs. [Note: Oppenheimer has also served as UN IPCC Coordinating Lead Author.]


Earth ‘serially doomed’: The official history of climate ‘Tipping Points’ began in 1864 – A new ‘global warming’ 12-year deadline from Rep. Ocasio-Cortez

George Perkins Marsh in his 1864 book: Man and Nature” – published in 1864: “The earth is fast becoming an unfit home for its noblest inhabitant, and another era of equal human crime and human improvidence … would reduce it to such a condition of impoverished productiveness, of shattered surface, of climatic excess, as to threaten the depravation, barbarism, and perhaps even extinction of the species.”
George Perkins Marsh

George Perkins Marsh

D.C. Cherry Blossoms Aren’t Safe Around Climate Activists! National Park System to cut down 158 cherry trees to make room for a seawall so D.C. can ‘withstand about 100 years of future sea level rise’ BY: NATHAN STONE The National Park Service — the organization supposedly missioned to preserve “unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the National Park System for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations”– will, after the 2024 National Cherry Blossom Festival, cut down 300 trees in Washington, D.C., 158 of which will be cherry […]

Robinette Hood: Here’s How Biden’s EV Agenda Will Take From The Poor And Give To The Rich

Robinette Hood: Here’s How Biden’s EV Agenda Will Take From The Poor And Give To The Rich By NICK POPE President Joe Biden’s massive electric vehicle (EV) agenda will subsidize the lifestyles of America’s well-to-do while hitting average people the hardest, economists and auto market analysts told the Daily Caller News Foundation. The Biden administration […]

New Book on climatologist: Everything Reminds Me of Tim: Biography of Tim Ball – He spent the better part of his career trying to convince the world that ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ was a man-made hoax. by Marty Ball Tim came to Canada from England in 1957 at the age of 17. He worked in Toronto and Sudbury until 1960 when he joined the RCAF as an Aircrew Radio Operator. He was trained in Winnipeg, where he met and married Marty, who was a student nurse at St. Boniface Hospital. Tim […]

Papa Pete Demands We Quit Clinging to Our ‘Religion’ By Duggan Flanakin April 09, 2024 Remember the American love for the open road? That paean to American freedom built on the automobile, but made possible by highways that also enabled trucks to deliver goods to just about any location quickly and safely? Hot cars are still popular today, as evidenced by the fact […]