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‘Renewables’ could drive America back to the 1800s By Ronald Stein Regardless of intermittent weather, the electrical grid is expected to deliver continuous and uninterrupted electricity, no matter what the weather, to support computers for hospitals, airports, offices, manufacturing, military sites, and telemetry, which all need a continuous, uninterrupted supply of electricity. Yet, policymakers continue to subsidize wind turbines and solar panels […]

The disastrous economics of trying to power an electric grid with 100% intermittent ‘renewables’ BY FRANCIS MENTON: The effort to increase the percentage of electricity generated by intermittent renewable sources like wind and solar inevitably brings about large increases in the actual price of electricity that must be paid by consumers. The price increases grow and accelerate as the percentage of electricity generated from the intermittent renewables increases […]

8 states are planning to BAN the sale of gas-powered cars entirely – after Biden unveiled ambitious plans to phase them out by 2032 By TILLY ARMSTRONG  California was the first state to adopt the plan to ban sales of gas cars by 2035 Electric vehicles made up 7.6 percent of new car sales in the US last year At least eight states are planning to ban the sale of new gas-powered cars in the next decade – and […]