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BBC Goes Climate Banana Crazy Warning of Banana production to drop despite banana output having doubled over the last 20 years

Matt McGrath of the BBC Goes Climate Banana Crazy Editor’s Note: This guest post from The Daily Sceptic’s Chris Morrison, debunks a story carried by the BBC that banana production is being diminished, leading to shortages and higher prices, due to climate change. Climate Realism has repeatedly refuted claims that climate change is harming crop production. Although bananas have only been addressed in […]

Wrong, Daily Mail, Climate Change Isn’t Causing a Chocolate Easter Egg Crisis

Wrong, Daily Mail, Climate Change Isn’t Causing a Chocolate Easter Egg Crisis By H. Sterling Burnett The Daily Mail posted an alarming Easter themed story saying climate change has caused the price of chocolate Easter eggs to increase. This is false. Chocolate Easter eggs and other chocolate candies have seen prices increase; however, data prove it isn’t […]

You ‘no longer’ have ‘a choice’! Watch: Kerry’s daughter Vanessa Kerry: ‘We must accept that there is no other way forward than to phase out our reliance on fossil fuels. Simply mitigation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions — is no longer a choice’

Vanessa Kerry—daughter of jet-setting climate con man, John Kerry—speaking at COP28 in December 2023: "The climate crisis is a health crisis, and it's killing us… We must accept that there is no other way forward than to phase out our reliance on fossil fuels." "A study was… — Wide Awake Media (@wideawake_media) February 29, […]

House committee examines threats to U.S. food security from Chinese ownership of land, facilities – ‘Between 2010 & 2020 China increased its holding of U.S. agricultural land by 5,300%…holds 384,000 acres valued at $2 billion’ By Kevin Killough The House Agriculture Committee took a close look Wednesday at the influence of China on America’s food supply. The committee also heard testimony concerning Chinese companies activities in the U.S., allegedly stealing intellectual property and purchasing supply chain assets that American farmers depend on to produce crops. Addressing the problem runs into […]

Property Rights Activist Margaret Byfield on Biden’s federal land-grabs & UN’s Agenda 2030: ‘Either you have the right to own property, or you are property’

"Either you have the right to own property, or you are property. And when you think about that, that's really where they are headed. So, when they say 'you will own nothing and like it', somebody will own that." – @Margaret_ASL on federal land-grabs, from NACs to Agenda 2030 — Jan Jekielek (@JanJekielek) March […]

Watch: Senator John Kennedy destroys Olympic skier Gus Schumacher after Democrats invited him to testify as ‘expert witness’ on climate change

Every second of this video is spectacular — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) March 24, 2024 By DOMINIC YEATMAN FOR DAILYMAIL.COM House Democrats presented the young skier as an ‘expert witness’ as the Budget Committee considered the effect of climate change on the recreation industry But Schumacher, 23, struggled in a series of excruciating exchanges, claiming that […]

US judge strikes down Biden highway requiring states to measure & set declining targets for ghg emissions from vehicles using the national highway system (Reuters) – A U.S. judge in Texas struck down a climate rule adopted by the Biden administration requiring states to measure and set declining targets for greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles using the national highway system. Texas had sued the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) in December, arguing the agency lacked legal authority to […]

Harvard Accused Of Promoting Eco-Terrorism For Plans To Screen ‘How To Blow Up A Pipeline’ Film By  Kassy Dillon Harvard Law School invites those ‘interested in environmental activism’ to meet the director of a film flagged by FBI over terrorism concerns Harvard Law School is under fire for plans to host a movie screening of ‘How To Blow Up A Pipeline,’ a film that the FBI says promotes eco-terrorism. The film, […]

Utility companies in Washington State required to generate 80% of energy from ‘renewable’ sources by 2030 – ‘Begins the process to ban natural gas’ By Ari Hoffman On Thursday, Washington Democratic Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill that critics say will move one of the state’s largest utility providers away from natural gas, eventually forcing homeowners to spend tens of thousands of dollars converting to electric. According to Inslee,  Engrossed Substitute House Bill 1589 creates a path for Puget Sound […]