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STOP THE PRESSES! TIME Mag. Reveals the 2024 TIME Earth Awards – Honorees include John Kerry & Jane Fonda – Mag Praises ‘Leaders Working to Save the Planet’ 

TIME COVER: THE EARTH AWARDS  Jane Fonda’s Next Act + Leaders Working to Save the Planet  On Sale Friday, March 29 TIME journalists are available for interviews. ——————————————- Today, TIME reveals the 2024 TIME Earth Awards honorees, ​​recognizing individuals influencing the future of the planet through their work on climate justice, awareness, and activism. The 2024 […]

Floating Offshore Wind Projects Will Squander Hundreds of Billions of Dollars – ‘Will be the biggest waste of money ever imposed on the backs of working Californians’

Floating Offshore Wind Projects Will Squander Hundreds of Billions of Dollars By Edward Ring In December 2022, after years of planning, the U.S. Dept. of the Interior sold rights to develop offshore wind in five lease areas off the California coast. Five companies submitted successful bids, paying a total of $757 million for development rights. These leases […]

Baltimore bridge collapse will block coal exports from U.S.’s 2nd-largest coal-exporting port

Via Nexus news: Baltimore Bridge Collapse Will Block Coal Exports: The collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge Tuesday could block as much as 2.5 million tons of coal exports from the country’s second-largest coal-exporting port over up to six weeks, but the disruption will have little impact on global prices. Most of the coal […]

Whale of a lawsuit threatens to swallow up Biden green energy agenda – Lawsuit Asserts VA Virginia Offshore Wind project would threaten the North Atlantic right whale By Fred Lucas Fox News A federal lawsuit pits green energy against saving endangered whales, as three conservative groups are suing the Biden administration to stop what they say would be the largest wind energy project in the world. The Virginia Offshore Wind project could cause significant harm to the North Atlantic right whale, according to the 61-page complaint in […]

We’re Saved! CNBC: ‘World’s first-ever global emissions tax takes a step closer to reality’ – UN seeks ‘decarbonizing shipping’ via ‘climate regulation of the shipping industry’ – ‘A universal greenhouse gas price’ By Sam Meredith The International Maritime Organization held its latest round of negotiations to discuss how to move forward on the climate regulation of the shipping industry. Campaigners said growing support for the world’s first-ever global emissions levy meant it was now more likely to be adopted by the IMO next year. “The UN […]