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Biden’s newest rule on Auto Emissions set to accelerate the DEATH SPIRAL for auto manufacturers Ronald Stein P.E. For one of the wealthier countries on this planet, America, with 330 million people ⏤ representing about 4% of the world’s 8 billion on this planet, President Biden is speeding ahead with EV mandates to ditch most new gas cars by 2030. Biden may not be cognizant that 80 percent of […]

Biden administration announces climate rules to phase out gas cars & make sure majority of vehicles sold by 2032 are electric or hybrid Joe Biden hailed the announcement as ‘historic progress’ on climate change  The rules aim to increase sales of electric vehicles from 7.6% to 56% in 2032  The Trump campaign was quick to condemn what it called ‘radical EV mandates’  The Biden administration unveiled drastic climate regulations Wednesday designed to phase out gas cars and […]

Biden admin set to finalize major gas car crackdown over warnings from automakers, energy industry By Thomas Catenacci Fox News The Biden administration is expected this week to finalize highly anticipated regulations targeting gas-powered vehicle tailpipe emissions, considered the tip of the spear in its efforts to electrify the transportation sector. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is slated to issue the final rulemaking — which officials have boasted will incentivize greater adoption of electric […]