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Moving Goal Posts: Now they tell us ‘EV’s won’t solve ‘car harm’ – ‘Even if every car in the world were an EV, it would not mitigate some of the most ruinous effects of car-centric infrastructure’ Via Climate Nexus: EV’s Won’t Solve ‘Car Harm’ Analysis Warns: Even if every car in the world were an EV, it would not mitigate some of the most ruinous effects of car-centric infrastructure, a new analysis cautions. The analysis of roughly 400 papers, published in the Journal of Transport Geography, finds “car harm[s]” — everything from […]

Biden boasts he’s saving the planet! ‘I’m taking the most significant action on climate ever in the history of the world.” Via Climate Nexus: Biden Mentions Climate, Clean Energy In SOTU: Though not the focus of his third official State of the Union address, President Biden touted his efforts to “save the planet from the climate crisis,” promote clean energy, and highlighted contrasts between himself and Republicans in a confrontational, overtly political speech. Bidem emphasized the creation […]

Mann v. Steyn: Round 2 by Judith Curry The latest developments. Some new filings from Mark Steyn: New Trial: Judgment as Matter of Law: Stay of Execution: Further details at steynonline [link]

Sobering Up? EU May Scrap Its Plans To Ban Internal Combustion Engines By 2035 By P Gosselin After vote in Brussels last Monday evening, a majority of the European Parliament favored a Commission proposal that would no longer automatically classify electric cars as climate-neutral vehicles. In the proposal, the CO2 emissions of electric cars would depend on the electricity mix used to charge the car, meaning electric cars […]

Study finds California’s semi truck electrification comes with enormous costs that hit consumers By Kevin Killough In 2022, California adopted regulations that required all new cars, trucks and SUVs sold in the state to be zero emissions by 2035. Immediately, 17 states eyed the electric vehicle mandates and started considering their own. That was on top of the Biden administration’s own tailpipe standards, which many say function […]