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Sticker Shock: EV’s Release MORE Toxic Emissions Than Gas-Powered Vehicles

ByB.D. Hobbs – KTRH Local Houston and Texas News

Just when the left thought that EV’s were all set to save the planet, there’s a report that shows otherwise.

In a recently posted WSJ Op-ed, a study conducted by the firm Emissions Analytics found that EV’s actually release -more- toxic emissions than gas cars do!

“Because EV’s weigh 30% more than cars, they cause the tires to wear out faster” said Marc Morano, with the Climate Depot, “And the tire tread releases toxic particles 400 x times greater than exhaust emissions.”

If that’s not bad enough, the brakes on EV’s are toxic as well. And we pointed out in a previous story, it takes about a half million pounds of material to make just one EV! Talk about destroying the planet!

“Studies, facts, data don’t really matter” Morano told KTRH, “They have an agenda, and they’re so far along in it that they’re just going to hammer it and just ignore these reports. They don’t care.”

He adds that the study completely shatters the myth, that EV’s are better for the planet. You can read the study below: