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Leaked Confidential Leftist Document Details Plot to Pressure Republicans into Protecting Biden’s Radical Green Energy Agenda


A leaked confidential 66-page document from a top environmentalist association obtained exclusively by Breitbart News reveals a plot by supporters of Democrat President Joe Biden’s signature legislative accomplishment to begin a pressure campaign against Republicans to push them to protect green energy subsidies Biden secured for them.

The document, a “February 2024 Board Memo” prepared for board members of the American Clean Power Association, is striking in how specific and aggressive it is in detailing plans for its members to push Republican lawmakers to oppose any GOP effort to repeal all or parts of Biden’s inaptly named Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The IRA, which passed during Biden’s second year as president, did not lower inflation but did aggressively expand government spending, including perhaps most controversially on the left’s radical green energy agenda.

The American Clean Power Association, or ACP, is a trade association made up of companies supportive of or benefitting from the left’s green energy push. On its website, the organization describes itself as a “leading voice of more than 800 companies from across the clean power sector that are committed to meeting America’s national security, economic and climate goals with fast-growing, low-cost, and reliable domestic power.”

This 66-page document obtained by Breitbart News is marked on nearly every page as “ACP Confidential Information.” The first dozen or so pages of it include a breakdown of normal business of a trade association, including discussion about the election of board members and officers of the group, as well as the organization’s financials. The financial report section explains that the group pulls in tens of millions of dollars annually in revenue, and spends tens of millions of dollars per year as well—making this group a powerhouse trade association in the green energy space. The document, for instance, says the trade association’s finance team estimated a total of more than $62 million in revenue in 2023, and expenses at $55.8 million. In short, this group is extremely well-funded—and the document brags about ACP having more than $49 million in cash available on hand to begin 2024.

On page 13, the confidential ACP document reveals that this leftist trade association plans to spend a huge chunk of this extra cash to protect the Biden agenda—and specifically the IRA—from the Republicans on Capitol Hill and from former President Donald Trump should he win the election in November. The recommended expenditure is well into seven figures, with ACP pushing for spending north of $7 million to help keep the IRA in place as it exists now. “Given the mounting reserves, ACP’s strong financial position, and the critical challenges we face in 2024, staff was encouraged to develop options for additional one-time investments the Board could consider at the February Board meeting,” the ACP document reads. “Based on this request, the staff is proposing to spend $7M for a surge campaign, with $5M from ACP’s reserve funds to help implement and insulate the IRA from repeal or harmful revision. The Finance Committee reaffirms that ACP’s financial position enables this level of expenditure in 2024.”

ACP has not replied to a comment request from Breitbart News about the 66-page confidential document leak.