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Watch: Red meat’s impact on climate change branded as ‘unscientific nonsense’

Sky News Australia Menzies Research Centre’s Nick Cater says the idea that red meat is bad for the environment and climate is “unscientific nonsense”. The federal government has released its official diet advice which has a particular focus on the impact of certain foods on climate change. The move has sparked backlash from farmers who […]

Biden’s Signature Climate Bill Has Been A Boon To China’s Battery Market By  Tim Pearce President Joe Biden’s signature climate bill, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), has been a boon for China’s battery market. Biden signed the bill into law in August 2022. The legislation created a bevy of green energy subsidies meant to transition United States energy usage away from fossil fuels and, according to Biden weeks before […]

Leading British Physician Says Going NetZero Would Probably Lead To 6 Billion Starving

Leading British Physician Says Going NetZero Would Probably Lead To 6 Billion Starving By P Gosselin on 24. January 2024   Without fossil fuels,” we wouldn’t be able to feed the world”, distinguished scientist warns. We’ll be wrecking our lives the next decades.”  British professor Angus Dalgleish, a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, and of the Royal College of […]

Planning for climate blackouts Note: An earlier version of this article appeared in the spring edition of Range Magazine. We are awash in urgent warnings that the electric power grid is increasingly prone to failure. Some of these warnings have come from people who actually oversee the grid, including the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, The North American […]

Maine school districts pulling electric buses off roads due to safety issues by WGME – Tue, February 20th 2024 The Maine Department of Education is warning school districts across Maine to take certain electric buses off roads because of an increase in vehicle malfunctions. According to Kennebec Journal, electric buses from school districts in Winthrop, Bingham, Mount Desert Island, and Yarmouth are facing issues. Some of […]

Canada’s New Democratic Party introduces bill that would prescribe jail terms for speaking well of fossil fuels By Tristin Hopper C-372, also known as the Fossil Fuel Advertising Act, was tabled Monday as a private member’s bill by NDP MP Charlie Angus An NDP bill is seeking to criminalize the “promotion” of fossil fuels, and prescribe jail time even for Canadians who say scientifically true things such as how burning natural […]

Hawaii looking ‘to introduce a climate change fee for visitors’ – ‘Flat-fee’ will raise $68 million annually – Charged at hotel check-in or vacation rental Visitors to Hawaii may be hit with a new fee, following in the footsteps of other popular holiday locations around the world. Tourists heading to Hawaii may be slapped with additional entry costs, as the popular holiday destination looks to introduce a climate change fee for visitors. The new tax, according to the state’s […]

The Hockey Stick Trial: Science Dies in a DC Courtroom By Rupert Darwall Excerpt: “Science,” wrote the philosopher Karl Popper, “is one of the very few human activities – perhaps the only one – in which errors are systematically criticised and fairly often, in time, corrected.” The sub-title of Popper’s 1963 book Conjectures and Refutations, in which he argued that science progresses through inspired conjectures […]