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Terence Corcoran: The heated battle between ‘skeptics’ and climate ‘dictators’ By Terence Corcoran In a decision last week that should shock all who believe in free speech and open science debate, a Washington Superior Court jury found journalist Mark Steyn and another writer guilty of defaming Michael Mann, the Penn State climate scientist behind the “Hockey Stick graph,” possibly the greatest global warming marketing tool […]

Japan Times: ‘Domestic violence is cost of climate change for Sri Lanka women’ – But concede ‘few detailed statistics on the links between climate change-related crop failures & gender-based violence’ BY DIMUTHU ATTANAYAKE THOMSON REUTERS FOUNDATION SAPUMAL THENNA, SRI LANKA – After years of scant rainfall in a remote region of Sri Lanka, farmer Renuka Karunarathna’s crops failed and as the family’s income dwindled, her husband took his anger out on her, beating her so badly she had to go to a hospital. “I have got […]

‘This is nuts!’ Watch: Morano on OAN TV on WaPo’s Push To Wear Clothes Made From Human Hair To Save The Earth

One America News TV – Tipping Point w/ Kara McKinney – Broadcast February 14, 2024

Morano: “This is peak climate wackiness, and in the spirit of it, I have a human hair wig on my head. … The Sinister part of this, Cara, is in 2019, this C40 City report was chaired by Michael Bloomberg, the New York City mayor at the time, along with Google, Ikea, and FedEx, — as corporate sponsors. They came up with a report for ‘consumption interventions’ to limit everyone to three new items of clothing per person per year by 2030 to save the planet from global warming.

When I interviewed — in Dubai at the UN climate Summit– I interviewed the fashion sustainability speaker, they actually had a Runway show of ‘sustainable fashion’ and they said good news we may not have to limit yourself to three new items of clothing per person per year, it depends on what you buy. So if you’re buying human hair dresses and skirts and shirts, then you could probably buy more than three new items of clothing per year. So we’re saved in that regard. Human hair is saving the planet and saving us from all these limits being put on us by our betters.” 

Meteorologist: Wrong, Time Magazine, January 2024 Was Not the Hottest on Record

Wrong, Time Magazine, January 2024 Was Not the Hottest on Record By Anthony Watts An article in Time Magazine (Time) claims that January 2024 was the hottest ever on record for the planet. Titled, 2024 Had the Hottest January on Record Following 2023’s Hottest Year on Record the article is based on a single source of temperature data. Data […]