There are two environmental advantages of weaving with human hair, according to Kollar. First, it keeps hair out of landfills and incinerators, where it would release greenhouse gases while rotting or burning. Second, it avoids the consequences of clearing land to grow cotton, drilling oil to make synthetic fibers or shearing wool from sheep, which belch tons of planet-warming methane. … But all the processing that comes afterward is expensive, especially because Human Material Loop is a start-up producing fabrics in small batches. Right now, Kollar says, her human hair fabric costs more than wool, cotton or polyester. “But once we reach a full-scale production, we can provide a very competitive price,” she said.

Marc Morano comment on the Washington Post demanding to fleece our heads: “Maybe if we all shear our heads bald and donate our locks to save the planet, our betters in the climate world will allow us to buy more than three new items per person. After they strip our curls, what will they come for next? Will they demand we give up our human skin next?!”

2019 report on a ‘1.5C World’: ‘Reduce number of clothing’ to ‘3 new clothing items per person per year’ by 2030 ‘to avoid climate breakdown’ – Affiliated with WEF, Michael Bloomberg, Soros, Google, FED EX & IKEA

Mayors’ climate initiative calls for limits of 3 new items of clothing per person, per year & car, dairy & meat bans by 2030
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Wash, blow dry & talk to me about global warming please: Hairdressers trained to talk about ‘climate action’ to customers – “The weather is the hook. You can take a cue from that,” says Prof Lesley Hughes, one of two climate scientists who have helped run workshops to give hairdressers the tools for times when the conversation turns to the existential. “You can show the science until you’re blue in the face but what can be more effective are people who you trust talking about it. It’s important to show it’s not a subject to be afraid of.” More than 400 hairdressers have attended workshops as part of a project called A Brush With Climate being driven by Paloma’s owner, Paloma Rose Garcia.

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Biden admin shifting ‘Climate Czar’ from State Dept to White House – Podesta will wield the power without the title & without a confirmation hearing

The Biden White House is moving to shift work of the “Climate Czar” from the State Department to the White House. John Podesta will now reportedly wield the power without the title and, most importantly, without a confirmation hearing… — Jonathan Turley (@JonathanTurley) February 12, 2024 The Rasputin Effect: Biden Moves To Make Podesta the […]