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Gas stoves, pizza ovens & now — Washington Democrats move to regulate tire standards to mitigate climate change

Ari Hoffman of Post Millennial: Washington Democrats are looking to make tires more expensive for consumers in an effort to combat climate change. The state’s Department of Commerce will be requesting that the Democrat-controlled Legislature give the agency the authority to regulate tire efficiency. … 

The new standards would apply to replacement tires for passenger cars and light trucks but not to original tires installed by manufacturers on vehicles. California has claimed that the tire standards would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1 million metric tons per year… 

Editor of the Modern Tire Dealer trade journal Mike Manges wrote in an editorial, “I still believe that a mandate could not only limit consumer choice but also limit a dealer’s ability to sell what he or she wants — based on the customer’s budget and preference,” Manges continued. “Not all customers will be able to afford higher-priced tires that can meet or exceed whatever rolling resistance target the CEC will require.”  

Belgians Blockade Port with Tractors as French Net Zero Protests Spread BY WILL JONES 31 JANUARY 2024 3:01 PM   Belgian farmers have blockaded highways and a major port as protests against Net Zero environmental regulation and low pay spread from France and intensify across Europe. The Telegraph has more. More than 100 tractors blockaded the Zeebrugge container port, according to organisers, causing gridlock on the surrounding roads. […]

French Farmers Block Paris Roads to Protest ‘Net Zero’ Lunacy

French Farmers Block Paris Roads to Protest “Net Zero” Lunacy By blocking access to Paris with their tractors, French farmers are fighting the EU’s version of the Green New Deal that aims to eliminate all fossil fuel use in the years ahead. As we noted in yesterday’s Hotline: no energy means no food. Although we […]

Study: ‘Global greening is an indisputable fact…the rate of global greening increased’ from 2001-2020 – Published in journal Global Ecology & Conservation Global Ecology and Conservation Volume 49, January 2024, e02791 Highlights • The global greening is an indisputable fact. • The rate of global greening increased slightly. • The drought has only slowed the global greening, but not caused the global browning. Abstract Increases or decreases in remote sensing-based vegetation greenness are usually referred to […]