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AP attempts to define Kerry’s legacy: ‘Kerry & (Chinese counterpart) Xie exit roles that defined generation of climate action’ – Claim the duo altered the Earth’s future climate for your children & grandchildren

According to the Associated Press reporter Seth Borenstein, John Kerry and his Chinese counterpart have literally altered the Earth's future climate for your children and grandchildren. — Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) January 28, 2024 Have your children and grandchildren thanked John Kerry and his Chinese counterpart?! Associated Press: Kerry and Xie exit roles that defined […]

AP: ‘Pandemic of snow’ in Anchorage sets record for earliest arrival of 100 inches – ‘Even by Alaska standards, there is a lot of snow’ By MARK THIESSEN Associated Press ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Even by Alaska standards, there is a lot of snow this winter. So much snow has fallen — so far, more than 8.7 feet (2.65 meters) — that roofs on commercial buildings are collapsing around Anchorage and officials are urging residents to break out their shovels to […]

2021: Vegan activist wins Oxford Union debate on meat eating: ‘Eating meat is racist & an expression of white supremacy’ – ‘If you eat animals, you take up more climate space’

Vegan activist Carol Adams’ November 25, 2021 Oxford Union presentation in favor of moving beyond meat:   The debaters for the motion “This House Would Move Beyond Meat”: Jeff McMahan, Carol Adams, and Heather Mills. ‘Every woke buzzword used in Carol Adams’ debate claiming meat is linked to having a ‘white supremacist patriarchal’ worldview  – […]

Morano on Anti-Energy Decision: ‘This is Joe Biden Caving to Environmental Activists’ By Tom Olohan Climate Depot founder Marc Morano made clear that President Joe Biden’s decision to hamstring a critical American industry had nothing to do with national interest. Morano shredded Biden’s explanation for a so-called “pause” for liquified natural gas projects during a conversation with Fox News co-host Pete Hegseth on the Jan. 27 […]

Trillions Spent on ‘Climate Change’ Based on Faulty Temperature Data, Climate Experts Say By Katie Spence To preserve a “livable planet,” the Earth can’t warm more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, the United Nations warns. Failure to maintain that level could lead to several catastrophes, including increased droughts and weather-related disasters, more heat-related illnesses and deaths, and less food and more poverty, according to NASA. To avert the […]

Poll: American ‘elites’ support rationing energy, meat to combat climate change By CANDACE HATHAWAY American “elites” say they would support the rationing of energy and meat to “fight climate change,” according to a recently released poll by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity. The January study, “Them vs. U.S.: The Two Americas and How the Nation’s Elite Is Out of Touch with Average Americans,” is based on two […]