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Mark Steyn Vs. The Appalling Michael Mann

— Guest Post by Richard Law

In 2012 Mark Steyn wrote a piece for the National Review Online directing righteous ire at the quality of Penn State’s internal investigations into itself, specifically in respect of the horrific child sex abuse scandal in 2011 concerning Jerry Sandusky, coupled with the inquiries in 2010 into the work of Professor Michael E Mann.

Mann was not accused of child abuse, but of professional misconduct arising from the shenanigans of Mann and others exposed in the 2009 leak of emails that became known as Climategate. The sodomite and kiddie-fiddler Sandusky was beyond saving, but the university rallied around its own in Mann’s case and exonerated him of any wrongdoing almost completely.

The Climategate emails had revealed in particular the all-pervading paranoia of the ‘hockey team’ of climate researchers gathered around Mann and some other major figures in climate activist science.

In the emails there is much talk of neutralising refractory colleagues or destroying the reputations and positions of opponents.

Someone reliable, upright and well known to him should set up a GoFundMe page tout de suite [or some other donation site that is more reputable: WMB]. This may be better than direct transfers, but he needs the cash soon, not in six months.

Support the man, with email and some good news for a change. By God he needs it. So far he has been a model of sturdy self reliance, the loyal membership of his club has born him through these diafana. But what will take place in DC early next year may possibly be epically horrible for him and for us.

He needs a good legal team. I don’t know what his current representation situation is, but if he is not to lose by default he needs some solid people, even if it all ends up in damage limitation. John Hinderaker worried a few weeks ago that Mark would be defending himself. That must not happen.

Briggs late addendumSteyn added an update on the trial recently.