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Antarctic Sea Ice Volume Greater Than The Early 1980s

Antarctic Sea Ice Volume Greater Than The Early 1980s By Paul Homewood There was much scaremongering from the alarmist community when Antarctic sea ice extent fell earlier in the year. As the Antarctic summer begins, the melt has slowed down, to the extent that extent is not even the lowest since 1979, and it is higher […]

‘Sustainably transform food systems’ – Reuters: UN’s COP28 targets food & agriculture – ‘The way we produce & eat food causes 30% of world’s greenhouse gas emissions’ – Funding from Bill Gates & Jeff Bezos Earth Fund Reuters: Some 160 nations signed a declaration to include food and agriculture in their climate plans by COP30 in Brazil in two years’ time, and a new initiative, the Alliance of Champions for Food Systems Transformation (ACF), saw five countries, Brazil, Norway, Sierra Leone, Cambodia and Rwanda, go even further, committing to tackling 10 […]