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College Democrats blast Biden for climate ‘indifference’ after COP28

College Democrats blast Biden for climate ‘indifference’ after COP28

“With every waking moment of indifference in regards to the issue of climate change, we sink progressively deeper into a global environmental crisis,” the group wrote. “Its impacts, ranging from rising sea levels, unprecedented climate shifts, increased frequency of natural disasters, and worsening of air and water quality, have placed the planet that young people are destined to inherent in jeopardy.”


President Biden, who attended the previous two climate summits, did not travel to the latest U.N. climate conference in Dubai.

The president has infuriated climate change activists and younger voters with his approval of the Willow Project in Alaska and acceleration of gas exports to Europe. As the continent grapples with an energy crisis due to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, the move by the U.S. made Europe the nation’s largest gas purchaser.

The plan to increase natural gas exports caused a stir even within the Democratic Party. Just last week, Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) urged the administration to stop investing in gas plants abroad, citing the $1.8 billion expenditure on fossil fuel plants overseas this year.

“The United States can’t preach temperance from a bar stool, and right now, America is drunk on oil and gas production and exports,” Markey wrote last week.

“Failure to avert climate disaster is a failure of the state,” the student organization wrote in the letter. “Hence, we call on our elected leaders of all levels to leave the world to their children, grandchildren, and young people throughout the nation in the same pristine condition they inherited.”