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Morano on Rebel TV: Dubai is a reminder of what Western cities could achieve without the woke agenda

A viewer Bodiesmovin replied to Morano w/ great context points about Dubai: “Do a bit more research on the dark side of Dubai, not to mention the lack of culture as most people there come and go. you need to be filthy rich to enjoy any of the perks. The real natives to that area on the outskirts of Dubai are living in squalor and would not be allowed, nor could they afford to enter the city- thats why you see no homeless people, they are hidden away. Are you aware of their laws? A bounced cheque can land you in jail. Dancing in public is considered “indecent”, Visitors are expected to dress conservatively, nothing see-through no T-shirts with “anything offensive” on them (i would think Rebel News would not be able to sell their merch there). They have 0 tolerance for drugs- including poppy seeds and some over the counter meds. No swearing, no loud music, no rude gestures. Sounds worse than CHINA to me!”