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Watch: THE GREEN AGENDA EXPOSED – We can thank George H. W. Bush for getting us into this UN climate mess in 1992 – Alex Epstein & Morano deconstruct UN COP 28 Climate Summit

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There is an endless bombardment of climate-related policies and action being taken by global governments, particularly America. Don’t expect that to slow down any time soon. John Kerry is calling for the end of coal while other top officials seek a transition away from fossil fuels. Is the science really behind this movement? Or is it a bunch of fearmongering? In this special, Mike Slater speaks with Alex Epstein and Marc Morano for a dose of healthy skepticism on it all. Plus, in the Politics By Faith portion of the show, Slater will reveal the three reasons why Christians shouldn’t fear climate change.


Alex Epstein
Marc Morano

The First TV – Broadcast December 15, 2023

Morano’s interview at 25:00, begins with protest at COP 28 in Dubai