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European Parliament Rejects Landmark Legislation in the EU’s Agriculture Reforms – Climate Alarmism Is Losing Ground as Economic Situation Deteriorates

By Paul Serran

The European Green Deal is under attack.

As we continue to follow the relentless news cycle coming from Europe, we can identify two major trends that are in play both inside the countries and also in Pan-European terms.

The first, of course, is the rejection of unchecked mass migration. And the second, equally as urgent, is the pushback against the European climate alarmist policies.

It came to a point where the European Green Deal, that was once a point of political convergence, has now become a source of discord within the EU.

Euronews reported:

“The European Commission’s flagship project is under increasing attack, with the Nature Restoration Law called into question, the use of herbicide glyphosate extended for another ten years, the pesticide regulation being rejected and the EU’s chemical strategy postponed.”