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Watch: UN fashion police’s ‘Runway to Net Zero’ event – UN’s keynote speaker says ‘It depends’ when asked if ‘clothing should be limited to 3 new items per person’ to fight climate, Dec 5 (Reuters) –

DUBAI, Dec 6 (Climate Depot) – UN COP28 – Climate summit event on December 5, 2023 – “Pathway to Paris goals: Runway to net zero in the fashion industry” December 5, 2023, Dubai interview

COP 28: UN fashion police – Watch Marc Morano’s exclusive interview with fashionista Dame Ellen MacArthur.  Marc asked Dame Ellen at COP 28 about the “C40” Mayors group plan to limit you to three clothing purchases per year.

“It’s how they have access to the product,” MacArthur explained, “as much as the product itself. And there are different ways to have access to clothing products.”

Maybe the UN could create a clothing wait list modeled after the way the old East Germany distributed cars to the unconnected. It was very efficient. It only took 13 years to put you behind the wheel of a cramped little Trabant with a noisy two cycle engine.  You know, like your lawn mower.  Think how well that could work for a pair of coveralls or a prom dress.


Dame Ellen MacArthur exclusive interview with Marc Morano: Founder – Ellen MacArthur Foundation Exclusive interview with Dame Ellen MacArthur: Limit access to clothing

Morano: The C40s report for mayors recommended three new items per person per year by 2030 to fight climate change.
MacArthur: We need to redesign the fashion industry the materials and how they
Morano: Should there be limits to what clothing people can buy?
MacArthur: It’s how they have access to the product as much as the product itself. And there are different ways to have access to clothing products.
Morano: But should people be limited in what they can buy in terms of clothing to 3 new
MacArthur: It depends on how they get access to that clothing. It’s not about how the clothing itself, it’s about how much you have. It is about how you get access to that clothing in addition to the design of that clothing. Many labels have different clothing in different ways, which doesn’t mean we have to own everything that we want.