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Watch Morano on Fox & Friends Live from Dubai: COP28 is about the UN ‘gaining more control so we don’t have a say in our democracy & our lives — from freedom of movement, to food, to energy’


Marc Morano Appears on ‘Fox and Friends’ To Discuss UN COP28 Climate Summit Live from Dubai

Broadcast December 3, 2023 – 

Morano: ‘COP28 climate summit is immoral’ – VP Harris pushing UN climate fund will prevent ‘development & fossil fuel energy in the poorest countries’

>> Today I’m proud to announce a new 3 billion-dollar pledge to the green climate fund our collective pledge today to rapidly increase renewable energy also includes a call for all nations to stop building new on the bidding coal power plants plants.

Rachel: vice president Harris pushing the expensive green agenda on the world stage during the un annual climate action in dubai while climate envoy John Kerry promised to shut down all coal plants in America the announcement comes as the United Nations is expected to call on Americans to dramatically reduce their meat consumption in the name of climate change, mark morano joins us live from dubai with more.

Rachel: I’m so glad you’re down there I’m always wondering what the control freaks in the billionaires are plotting over there what is happening what is the end goal.

>> Morano: A great question this conference and do by has more than doubled last year’s in Egypt the end goal is very simple to move more power to fewer and fewer people at the un as solon and the global corporations to billionaires of Bill Gates and king charles and the corporations that are participating in the new form of fascism where the government cooperation to impose an agenda upon the world that we did not vote for. For Kamala Harris to give a speech saying $3 billion to the climate fund I was at the climate summit in South Africa and it was explained by its south African development the un will take it and give it to the poor nation leaders who are best able to keep their citizens locked in poverty. Kamala Harris is saying we will get it to prevent development and fossil fuel energy in the poorest regions of the world they will give money to the leaders and they will ensure reelection of build monuments and keep the poor people from developing

This is immoral and the whole conference is gaining more control so we don’t have a say in our democracy anymore and how we liberal lives everything from freedom of movement to food to energy. Rachel: when you put it in those terms you’re right these poor countries need more energy so they can develop and have a better life and what they do is pay off the leaders to block them down and prevent development because they hate humans and they hate modern life and they want to lock us down John Kerry wants to shut down every coal plant in America how many coal plants have China open heaven into the open every month month.
>> One every two weeks one a week depending on the estimate China is not subject to the un climate regulations John Kerry says will shut down U.S. Domestic energy so we could be more reliant at the Biden Administration Venezuela, the Middle East China for rare-earth, I like to say China with rare-earth every EV battery half a million pounds of materials China is digging the earth nine brady bunch 1970 but fossil fuel intensive way and the earth they are exempt from this were offshore in our CO2 the U.S. has led the world in reducing CO2 admission if you care about that this conference make no mistake about it is the targeted at America you mentioned the meat-eating, the going for 90% reduction of meat eating in America that the new guidance coming from the un the same with the call with doctor guidance they’re coming after the American farmer Bill Gates said we don’t need farms he wants all meat grown in a lab from stem cells cal, she mixed with fetal blood put in a petri ds and printed on a 3d printer without eyes, bring this is frankenstein food that’s why they want to go after traditional meet.


Rachel: Bill Gates for example these are weirdos. No taking control of our food supply and energy in our currency those are the three things they need to control as a population and they’re doing it and you’re on the ground I only have a couple of sections you people know who you are and what you’re up to.
>> Had been arrested by climate cops at U.S. summit and people recognize me I may need a food taster to make sure I’m okay but the un does not like it and we have fun stuff planned while were here. Rachel: we will follow all of it my advice don’t eat the bugs. I know you want. Thank you so much we want more updates, come back to us.
>> Thank you Rachel.