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Watch: Morano on Fox: ‘Net Zero is just a central planning Soviet-style effort to reign in the USA & the West”

Marc Morano Appears on FBN’s ‘The Evening Edit’ to Discuss U.N. Petition to Ban Natural Gas Production in the U.S.

Broadcast December 1, 2023


The un is literally trying to destroy the U.S., and we are giving them a free ride. What is that insanity all about. Marc Morano joining us on the evening edit next right before he flies out to the conference in dubai ♪

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Marc, great to see you and I understand you’re going to see this conference after the interview and appreciate you squeezing us in. You’re getting rid of natural gas and thing that’s done more than anything else, more than windmills or solar or anything else to drop CO2 levels.

Morano: >> This is incredible American success story. If you’re concerned about CO2 emissions. Our conversation from cold and natural gas has met the United States lead the world — led the world second to none in reducing carbon dioxide emissions and did better than the signatories of the un Paris Agreement and all the people shaming President Trump for pulling out and did a better job reducing the CO2 emissions and through the innovation of horizontal fracking and natural gas frabbing and huge American success story and now not only is this un summit targeting natch rat gas and going after American agriculture and that’s another story. What they’re doing is completely ignoring China as well in this. David: is China putting up now about 20 200 a year or something

> One every other week or one a week. It depends on how you look at it. Not just coal plants and rare earth mining that requires fossil fuels and every EV battery requires about half a million of materials and chiefly I like to say renewable energy digs the earth, not in a Brady Bunch 1970s way and intensive fossil fuel way and we shut down our industries and export all the Chinese products. David: just shows you how completely out of touch the United Nations and even the EU by the way is now calling natural gas a green energy. Even the EU get it is but the un is just totally isolated and what would happen to the U.S. economy if we shut down natural gas? What would happen to us all?

>> Simple, export more energy and beg Venezuela, Iran, Middle East, we’d be begging every country you can think of for more energy. All we do when we shut down energy, David is export these alleged harmful emission to other countries and China and the Middle East lower environmental standards and lower human rights standards and Iran, Venezuela, that’s where we’ll end up getting our energy from, and it makes absolutely no sense. The whole idea of net zero is just a central planning Soviet style and technique to reign in the United States and other western nations to under un essential control and trying to get a crisis here and give up national sovereign. David: you said it, un central control and they want a global economy and global political system they can control and they’re not going to get it. Meanwhile the Department of Energy is bragging about the fact that they made a couple million bucks on buying $ $2.7 million for a strategic reserves and meanwhile they’re not mengeing they gave up and sold 300 million barrels and about half of our entire reserves in order to get gas prices down before the midterm elections and I wonder where that money that they made from that went, those billions of dollars and probably went to their green energy programs; right?
>> Yeah, Strategic Petroleum Reserve and not a partisan midterm election and over the course of this they sold many to China and other nations and oil reserve and this was insane to drain our reserve and President Trump if you recall filled the reserve and gas was cheapest and had a great deal and filled it up to be reduced to levels since the 1970s. This is the whole problem. They’re turning over. When I say they, the Biden Administration is turning in whole thing over to the un for their control of America and all it means is a weaker America and a decimated middle class, more inflation and less jobs. David: giving control to an organization that’s more out of touch than John kerri, doesn’t sound like a smart move. Mark, safe travels and thank you for joining us. Appreciate it.
>> Thank you very much,