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UN delegates circulate petition to shut down US natural gas production as global climate summit kicks off

By Thomas Catenacci Fox News

Global delegates heading to the annual United Nations climate change summit are circulating a letter calling for the U.S. and other Western nations to immediately ban new natural gas infrastructure projects.

According to the letter obtained exclusively by Fox News Digital, Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., is among the lead architects of the effort in addition to Lisa Badum, a member of the German Parliament who is leading her nation’s delegation at the summit, and Canadian Sen. Rosa Galvez. Markey, Badum and Galvez sent the letter to other U.S. lawmakers and global representatives ahead of the COP28 climate conference, which kicks off Thursday in Dubai.

“At COP26, the United States — along with 39 governments and institutions — signed the Glasgow Statement, pledging to prioritize the clean energy transition and end new direct public support for the international fossil fuel sector by 2022,” the letter states. “This is the very least we can do, considering that even existing production capacities already exceed the limits set by the Paris Agreement.”

“Despite this, the United States is hurtling towards a massively harmful expansion of Liquefied Natural Gas infrastructure,” it continues. “Regrettably, there exist similar plans in many other countries — including in Germany, the U.S., and Canada.”