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Beware of Lockdowns 2.0 & Great Reset: ‘What happened in March 2020 was a high-tech coup d’etat against rights & freedoms. It has not gone away’

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Should governments know any limits to their power? One thousand years ago, after King John was forced to sign the Magna Carta, the answer became yes. The state could not legally brutalize the population with impunity.

That conviction led to the triumph of human freedom that gradually transformed life on earth, from lives that were nasty, brutish, and short to beautiful lives of flourishing and longevity. There was a new consensus—and it worked.

That progress came to a strange and abrupt halt in March 2020. A challenging and transformative epoch was born. The churches and schools were closed. Small businesses, too. The freedom to travel was ended. Censorship became the norm. We were ruled by bureaucrats backed by fake science, fake news, and spying digital overlords. Their plans were ambitious, and they included vaccine passports, a central bank digital currency, 15-minute cities, and a life of masks, mandates, and restrictions.

They didn’t get their full agenda through, but that was mainly because the vaccine for the pathogen, about which they panicked the world, did not work. That was an enormous failure, and a setback.

But make no mistake: there has been no letting up on the bigger agenda. What happened in March 2020 was a high-tech coup d’etat against rights and freedoms. It has not gone away. That’s why there have been no apologies for the pandemic response. Too many people got rich, and they got most of what they wanted as a start to the Great Reset.

There will be many more crises: more weird diseases, more anomalous weather patterns, more and unexpected reasons to panic the population into society-wide panic for another “all-of-government” response. The mainstream media will fall in line just like the last time. Same with all major social media and major corporate voices, all backed by deep-state bureaucracies, some of which didn’t even exist a decade ago.

With a population less healthy, less educated, and more disoriented than in centuries, they might get away with it.

Make no mistake: representative government, as it came to be called, is right now in the process of being replaced by a biosecurity state that cares nothing for what its subjects believe or say. It’s massive transformation, and so shocking because we never thought we would live in such times. We never imagined that fundamental truths about human rights and freedoms would come to be dismissed as old-fashioned and no longer considered to be meaningful concerns. Our job is just to go along as nearly the entire planet is taken over by technocratic oligarchy that answers to no one but the 1 percent of ruling-class wealth.

All the ideals of the past – freedom, democracy, an open public square, and government subject to the will of the people – are being thrown out. Yes, it began perhaps decades ago but the event that precipitated the massive push to reconstruct the country and the world was a pandemic that gave the excuse to destroy freedom, the limits of government, and even the idea of democracy itself. Our job was just to go along, no matter how bogus were the claims coming from elite circles.

The challenges of our time are completely different from the past. We must counter ruling-class opinion on empirical, legal, and practical grounds. We need all hands on deck to make it clear: we will not relent, no matter how many strange edicts are issued from above, no matter how many big shots tell us otherwise, no matter how many tricks and ploys come our way.

These are the critical years in which we must act. The great concern that you, and all people of sound mind, have is what happens when all our freedoms are gone. How do we get them back at that point? Let’s hope and work to make sure that it does not come to that. In truth, the overclass has overreached on a number of fronts. It is deeply vulnerable to being debunked and discredited, but the time is now. We don’t want to wait until it is too late.