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Climate change group legally branded a ‘criminal organization’ for disrupting traffic & damaging property – Considered a ‘significant threat to public safety & order’ The Last Generation climate change group has been designated as a “criminal organization” by the Munich Regional Court, which announced the ruling on Thursday after considering ten complaints from the climate activists over searches and seizures. The court dismissed the complaints, ruling that the Last Generation meets the requirements to be considered an organized […]

Newsweek: Bugs Instead of Turkey? Why Insects Make a Perfect Thanksgiving Dish and How to Cook Them By Kastalia MedranoScience Writer About 80 percent of the world already eats insects, which are a fantastic source of protein. As Americans prepare for this year’s Thanksgiving meal, perhaps it’s time to consider the many merits of a bugcentric holiday feast. Insects are a food source in many places in the world for good […]

The Climate Corps At The Berkeley California-China Climate Institute

Who Controls The Climate Corps At The Berkeley California-China Climate Institute? by Conor Coughlin How can the USA enforce any Uniform Commercial Code when organizations like the Berkeley California-China Climate Institute can create their own Climate Corps® as part of a Global Alliance of Universities on Climate economic model? Corporate media suppressed that in 2019, former California governor Jerry “Moonbeam” […]

It’s Time To Consider The Dark Connections Of The EPA With Modern Radical Extremism

It’s Time To Consider The Dark Connections Of The EPA With Modern Radical Extremism by Conor Coughlin Few Americans realize the dark history behind the Environmental Protection Agency, created under President Richard Nixon in 1970. Starting with the fact that the EPA’s first director was a Dept. of Justice employee named William Ruckelshaus, who held that position until […]

World Leaders Ignore Growing Safety Issues with Green Energy

By Steve Goreham Originally published in Daily Caller. The nations of the world pursue an unprecedented energy transition. Efforts are underway to force a shift from coal, oil, and natural gas to renewable energy sources by 2050. But key elements of the proposed transition suffer from major safety issues. These are batteries for electric vehicles and electricity […]

Now Will You Support Green New Deal!? ‘Climate Change is Threatening Your Thanksgiving’

ABC News: Climate change could soon make these staple Thanksgiving dishes more scarce – Produce is among the most affected by climate change, according to experts. Thanksgiving could soon become another victim of climate change as rising temperatures threaten the abundance and quality of the ingredients used to make traditional dishes seen year after year. […]

New Jersey banning sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035 – But don’t fret — the generous state will still allow you to still buy used gas cars!

The move does not prohibit ownership or use of gasoline-powered cars, not does it force consumers to buy electric vehicles, the DEP said. It will not prohibit the sale of used cars powered by gasoline, and consumers would still be free to purchase gas-fueled cars elsewhere and bring them into New Jersey, as long as they met certain emissions standards.