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Biden invokes wartime powers to fund electric heaters as he cracks down on gas appliances American Gas Association says wartime law is ‘being used as an instrument to advance a policy agenda contradictory to our nation’s strong energy position’ By Thomas Catenacci Fox News President Biden invoked a Cold War-era law in a surprising move Friday to pour taxpayer funds into domestic manufacturing of electric heat pumps, an alternative to gas-powered […]

Offshore wind energy is sinking like a stone By Craig Rucker With respect to energy policy, President Biden has been nothing but consistent. From day one, he set out to end fossil fuel use in America and replace it with wind and solar power — even if green energy drives up costs and fails to deliver reliable electricity when needed. One of […]

Experts raise alarm after Biden strikes climate agreement with China to shut down fossil fuels – Will nudge America ‘closer to Beijing-style central planning, production quotas’ By Thomas Catenacci Fox News U.S. energy experts are warning of the economic and national security implications of President Biden’s pact with China this week to move towards shutting down fossil fuel production in favor of green energy. The State Department announced this week it had struck a deal with its Chinese counterparts pledging to “accelerate the substitution […]