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Hottest in 125,000 years say EU scientists — as if Cavemen could measure the temperature to a tenth of a degree


Jo Nova: Media claims ‘hottest year’ was broken by 0.4 degrees! Homo Sapiens have had satellite data for 44 years, which only leaves 124,956 years of extrapolation to guess at the rest. Not one journalist at the ABC, Sydney Morning Herald, CNN, or anywhere, asked the “scientists” — how would you know? Do tell us, professor, what exactly was the temperature from November 6,789 BC to October 6,788? And to a tenth of a degree, and globally. I heard it was hot? 

Try to imagine what kind of miraculous science makes these headlines make sense?  Did the EU team find neolithic newspapers hidden in caves in Turkey? Could they reconstruct temperatures from 10,000 BC to 1978 to a tenth of a degree Celsius. And not just Turkish temperatures but ones in Timbuktu and Peru too? Those goat herders needed a satellite program.  Perhaps clay pots powered with goat dung?

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