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Real-world crises to beset UN Climate Summit COP28 – Carbon tax blunders & wars will complicate conference By Terence Corcoran On the United Nations’ official website for this month’s COP28 climate conference in Dubai, about four hours by plane from Gaza, the countdown is underway. At about the time this column was published, the official UN wait time for the opening of COP28 would have been 28 days, 12 hours, 39 minutes […]

Racist birds!? CNN: Nearly 80 bird species names with racist roots are about to be changed CNN —  After years-long discussion, birds will no longer be named after people — a decision meant to dissociate the animals from problematic eponyms. The American Ornithological Society announced Wednesday that all common English-language names of bird species named after people will be changed, along with other monikers that have been deemed offensive. In total, approximately […]

Mark Lynas ‘99% Consensus’ on Climate Change – Busted in Peer Review.

Mark Lynas ‘99% Consensus’ on Climate Change – Busted in Peer Review. By Anthony Watts From email: My name is Yonatan Dubi, I am a professor of chemistry and physics at Ben Gurion University, Israel. I am also one of Israel’s leading advocates for rational environmentalism and climate realism. Together with a few colleagues we […]