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The Great ‘Green Energy Transition’ That Wasn’t Stephen Moore | Oct 31, 2023 Excerpt: Amazingly, less than 10% of all new car sales over the last two years were EVs. This is despite the fact that the U.S. government is writing a $7,500 check to people for buying an EV, and some states are kicking in $5,000 more. The Texas Policy Foundation calculates […]

Developer axes 2 major offshore wind projects in blow to Biden’s green energy goals By Thomas Catenacci Fox News Global energy developer Orsted abruptly canceled two major offshore wind projects off New Jersey’s coast in a blow to President Biden’s green energy goals which call for a rapid development of wind energy. The Denmark-based energy firm said its board of directors voted to ax its high-profile Ocean Wind 1 and […]

The true cost of an EV? Think tank report finds subsidies for EVs cost $50,000 PER CAR over a 10-year period Federal and state subsidies have artificially driven up electric car sales But EVs cost everyone, according to the Texas Public Policy Foundation Ford said this month that it incurs a loss of around $36,000 on each EV it sells  The true cost of electric cars to the average American taxpayer has been laid bare by a landmark […]

WSJ: Brace for the Wind & Electric-Vehicle Bailouts: ‘Government is too invested to let these companies go bust, and taxpayers will be charged for the repair job’ By Allysia Finley Ford assured investors last week that its generous deal with the United Auto Workers wouldn’t threaten its profitability. Maybe. The same can’t be said of its electric vehicles, which lost $3.1 billion during the first nine months of this year. Those losses will doubtless grow, and anyone who thinks Washington won’t […]

Politico: New Jersey gale batters Biden’s offshore wind goals – NJ goes from ‘epicenter for offshore wind to a graveyard’ By NIINA H. FARAH New Jersey has gone from the aspirational epicenter for offshore wind to a graveyard of Ørsted projects. | Kelsey Tamborrino/POLITICO The cancellation of one of the largest offshore wind projects in U.S. history is dealing another blow to a fledgling industry that’s key to the Biden administration’s climate goals. Danish […]