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Eat Ze Bugs: Major Meat Producer Tyson Invests in Insect Proteins and Lipids

Eat Ze Bugs: Major Meat Producer Tyson Invests in Insect Proteins and Lipids – Uses Animal Waste to Feed Flies, Which Will Then be Turned Into Food for Pets, Aquaculture, and Livestock Industries (VIDEO)

Tyson Foods, the world’s second-largest processor and marketer of meat, has announced a joint venture with Protix, the world’s largest insect factory, to delve into the world of insect protein and lipid production, targeting the pet food, aquaculture, and livestock industries.

However, the question that looms large is, do insect proteins really hold the key to sustainability, or is this just a trendy leap onto the bandwagon of alternative protein sources?

Tyson Foods and Protix envision an insect protein processing facility on American soil that seeks to transform food manufacturing byproducts into insect proteins and lipids.

According to CNN, “that facility will use animal waste to feed black soldier flies, which will then be turned into food for pets, poultry and fish… Those flies are not going into human food, at this point.”

“The strategic investment will support the growth of the emerging insect ingredient industry and expand the use of insect ingredient solutions to create more efficient sustainable proteins and lipids for use in the global food system,” according to the company’s press release. “The agreement combines Tyson Foods’ global scale, experience and network with Protix’s technology and market leadership to meet current market demand and scale production of insect ingredients.”

It continued, “Tyson Foods and Protix have entered a joint venture for the operation and construction of an insect ingredient facility in the continental United States. Upon completion, it will be the first at-scale facility of its kind to upcycle food manufacturing byproducts into high-quality insect proteins and lipids which will primarily be used in the pet food, aquaculture, and livestock industries.”