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Biden deploying 20,000 climate activists and making you pay for it

President Joe Biden killed the Keystone XL pipeline with a pen stroke on his first day in office. Thousands of American jobs were killed from the comfort of his desk using a 23KT gold-plated pen. Now with another pen he has committed your tax dollars to deploy 20,000 young political “climate activists.”

This is a make-work program for political progressives at the expense of working households. We pay for it.

An official White House statement said the “Climate Corps” will “train young people” to “advance environmental justice” while “tackling climate change.”

No law from Congress was enacted to authorize this Green New Deal youth patrol. Biden simply decreed it. And he refuses to state how much of your tax dollars he is spending on these busybody hall monitors.

The 20,000 climate activists are eligible to receive “free” housing, transportation, meals (probably vegan) and even uniforms. You are paying for all of it.

The White House promises the 20,000 progressive youth will receive “paid experiences.” You can bet none of them will be working to champion U.S. oil and gas jobs. After all, this is the president who vowed to “get rid of fossil fuels.”

The climate youth patrol has long been a big priority of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., a socialist who owns three houses (good for him) and demands that his staff chill his hotel room air conditioning down to 60 degrees (again, good for him) so he is nice and comfortable upon arrival.