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Electric cars risk becoming uninsurable – ‘Difficulty pricing battery repairs forcing insurers to refuse cover’ Net Zero Samizdat 21 October 2023   1) Electric cars risk becoming uninsurable The Daily Telegraph, 21 October 2023 2) Nearly 50% of EV owners chose ICE vehicle for subsequent purchase, S&P Global Mobility study shows RDN News, 19 October 2023 3) Tesla joins GM, Ford in slowing EV factory ramp as demand fears […]

‘Not Ready For Primetime’: EV Proponents Keep Going On Road Trips And Proving A Point, Just Not The One They Expected By NICK POPE Several advocates of electric vehicles (EVs) have gone on road trips and end up facing unexpected problems. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, CEO Jim Farley and New York Times reporter David Gelles have all taken EV road trips that have unexpectedly demonstrated some of the shortcomings of the vehicles, which the […]

Meteorologist Watts: NYT Claims Record September Temperature Indicates Accelerated Climate Change- It Doesn’t By Anthony Watts A guest opinion article in The New York Times by Zeke Hausfather, Ph.D, titled “I Study Climate Change. The Data Is Telling Us Something New,” suggests that a single record warm month of data is an indication of “evidence that global warming has accelerated.” The claim is false for four reasons; because a […]

Pope Francis may attend UN climate summit COP 28 in Dubai

  The Pope has reportedly expressed his desire to attend the United Nations climate conference, but the trip has yet to be confirmed. Pope Francis could take part in the international climate conference to be held in Dubai from November 30 to December 12, Reuters reported on October 19, 2023. There he will voice his call to halt the […]

We’re Saved! Meat Giant Tyson Foods Joins Bug Craze & Invests in Insect Company for ‘More Sustainable Protein’

Meat Giant Tyson Invests Heavily in Insect Ingredient Company for 'More Sustainable Protein' Tyson Foods Joins Bug-Protein Craze in Partnership With Startup — Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) October 22, 2023 By Gerson Freitas Jr Tyson Foods Inc. is making its first foray into the insect-protein industry as the meat giant seeks to diversify its operations. The […]