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Biden To Pay Americans To Plug Up Oil Wells


This is the second breaking story tied to the Biden regime that recalls the perverse and absurd FDR policy of using money it took from taxpayers to pay people literally to destroy valuable things like agricultural products, or to engage in useless work, like digging ditches and then refilling them.

This isn’t FDR’s era, and many Americans have learned from those disastrous Roosevelt attacks on freedom, morality, and logic. The trouble is, Joe Biden and those close to him who receive public trough payoffs either have not learned – or they have, and simply don’t care.

The Washington Examiner’s Eden Villalovas reports that, in fascist “ you’re our favorite federal friend” style…

“The Biden administration is offering federal assistance to certain states for the closure of low-producing oil and gas wells. Funding comes from the Inflation Reduction Act’s $350 million program called the Mitigating Emissions from Marginal Conventional Wells.”

Awesome.As we all know, the federal government spending more of our tax cash and going further into debt (said debt then purchased by Federal Reserve-created of cash) won’t increase and inflate the money supply at all.

And Biden continuing to play the Strangler when it comes to US petrochemical fuels… surely, that will help people affordably fill their tanks, not hinder them from doing so. Right?

If this absurd counter-reality (of Biden taking your money to further constrict oil supplies, even while claiming it’s part of a scheme to “reduce inflation”) isn’t paradoxical enough for you, you might not want to get too close to the blazing supernova of reality in the fact that he’s doing it through the Constitution-insulting Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency. Writes Villalovas:The grant opened up in August, as announced by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. The program was designed to ‘help monitor and reduce methane emissions, one of the biggest drivers of climate change, from the oil and gas sector and for environmental restoration of well sites.’”

So, of course, at the heart of this is their tooth-fairy rationale. It must – MUST! – be done to combat their unsupported, politically-pushed, data-bereft fantasy that man-made “emissions” of gasses such as methane are putting the world at risk of an “anthropogenic climate change” apocalypse.

Not only have we at MRCTV offered reams of evidence refuting that claim, many others, from Marc Morano, to journalist Alex Newman, to the late Fred Singer, and many, many, more, have cited the sloppy or manipulated stats, the fearmongering, and the special-interest graft machine represented by this enormous, multi-national, mega-corporate push to demonize the use of cheap, efficient petrochemical fuels, and to push centrally funded, centrally controlled “green” or so-called “sustainable” energy production that is neither “green” nor economically sustainable (the government subsidies aren’t needed for economically feasible ideas – or as libertarians oft say, “Good ideas don’t require force.”)