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Net Zero Will Require a Command Economy & Massive Drop in Living Standards, Says Cambridge Professor. And for What?

GUY DE LA BÉDOYÈRE: “The idea that Net Zero can be achieved on the current timelines by any means short of a command economy combined with a drastic decline in standards of living – and several unlikely technological miracles – is a blatant falsehood,” says Professor Michael Kelly, Emeritus Professor of Engineering at Cambridge … 

But perhaps by 2050 the realisation will begin to dawn. There will not have been the slightest detectable impact on the climate. … But after spending all that money and throwing all that labour into Net Zero, the weather extremes, whatever they are and whatever they are caused by, will continue. … 

There will be no impact on the climate for the lifetimes of those who have poured their lives and money into Net Zero. There will be no impact on the lives of their children, their children’s children, or for many generations after that. There will be no suspension of extreme weather events because extreme weather events are a fact of life and always have been. How many fewer extreme weather events would need to be counted for Net Zero to be deemed a success?

Solar industry lives off China slave labor – Slavery poisons industry’s supply chains By Miles Pollard  Behind those harmless-looking solar panels harnessing the sun’s power lies a disturbing secret: Roughly 80% of solar components are manufactured in China using slave labor. Not only have the buyers of solar panels been indirectly funding companies that use slave labor, but American taxpayers have also subsidized almost $37 billion in purchases between 2016 and 2022. Globally, […]

The myth of affordable green energy is over – Progress is stalled around the world as nobody wants to admit the real costs By KATHRYN PORTER The pervasive narrative about offshore wind in recent years has been that costs are falling and that wind power is cheap. But scratch below the surface and you find that things are not quite so rosy. Turbine manufacturers have been losing money hand over fist in recent years. Collectively over the […]

Skeptical Climate Documentary Debuts on Newsmax TV Sunday, October 15th, at 9 p.m. EST Climate Documentary Offers Science-Based Relief from Alarmism Debuting on Newsmax Sunday, October 15th, at 9 p.m. EST, a new documentary, A Climate Conversation rejects extremism in favor of a constructive debate on climate change. A Climate Conversation offers viewers a welcome opportunity to learn about shared values of environmentalism and humanitarian compassion. The film features scientists and […]

Politico laments: ‘War shadows hopes for UN climate talks’ – ‘The Middle East is almost certain to complicate negotiations’ at UN climate summit By SARA SCHONHARDT The weekend attack on Israel by the Palestinian militant group Hamas comes roughly 50 days before global climate talks kick off in Dubai — potentially destabilizing the oil-rich Arabian Peninsula as Western negotiators push for a tougher stand against future fossil fuel use. At a time when political allegiances across the globe […]

Era of ‘Unquestioned and Unchallenged’ Climate Change Claims Is Over By Alex Newman  New studies undercut the ‘scientifically empty’ warming narrative, says astrophysicist and aerospace engineer. Leading voices in the climate community are in an uproar as their warming hypothesis comes under fresh assault by new scientific papers. The authors of the papers are being attacked and say that “activist scientists” threatened by the new findings are “aggressively […]

A new study zaps Biden’s plan to transform the electrical grid

A new study zaps Biden’s plan to transform the electrical grid   BY CRAIG RUCKER, Politicians, activists and lobbyists worried about a “climate crisis” and determined to compel a rapid transition from fossil fuels to “clean, renewable” energy seem to think it’s a slam-dunk process. They believe they can simply implement laws, regulations and executive […]