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Water! The World Economic Forum says Water is the next big crisis

Human beings need water to survive, and unfortunately, the villains at the World Economic Forum are well aware.

In a video that has resurfaced on X (formerly Twitter) from 2022, Professor Mariana Mazzucato is seen discussing “The New Economics of Water: Launch of Global Commission.”

After telling the audience that we did not “actually manage to vaccinate everyone in the world” against COVID-19 as if that’s a bad thing, she goes on to say that “highlighting water as a global commons and what it means to work together and see it both out of that kind of global commons perspective, but also the self-interest perspective because it does have that parallel.”

“It’s not only important, but it’s also important because we haven’t managed to solve those problems,” she added.

Pat Gray believes the WEF might just have predicted the “next crisis that they have planned for us.”

Mazzucato continues to say that while “climate change is a bit abstract” and hard for people to grasp, “water is something that people understand.”

“So there’s also something about really getting citizen engagement around this and really in some ways, experimenting with this notion of the common good. Can we actually deliver this time in ways that we have failed miserably other times?” she adds.

Keith Malinak is slightly confused as to what she actually means, because she started her tirade with a nod to vaccines.

“There’s some confusion online. Is she talking about water is going to be the next crisis, or are we going to put vaccines in water?” he asks.

“I don’t like these people. I think is where I land, regardless if she’s talking about limiting our access to water or poisoning our water,” Malinak adds.