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Arctic Ice Refuses To Melt Away – Still not ‘ice free’ as predicted – 2023 sees sea ice extent in the ‘middle of the pack for what we have seen seen since 2007’ By Paul Homewood Arctic sea ice extent has now passed its minimum for this year. According to NSIDC, it dropped to 4.213 million sq km on 17th September: That puts it in the middle of the pack for what we have seen seen since 2007. I wonder when we’ll get apologies […]

BlackRock’s tyrannical ESG agenda – Is Larry Fink a threat to democracy? BY JOHN MASKO As February turns to March, the finance world is waiting with bated breath for one of its most dubious annual traditions: The Larry Fink Annual Letter to CEOs. Since 2012, when the BlackRock chief executive wrote his first letter, the occasion has come to symbolise the growing threat both to shareholder capitalism […]

Analysis: Biden’s billion-dollar oil mistake: Biden hamstrung his country from Day One – ‘Aggressive support for ESG’ – ‘Proxy war against Russia’ & ‘Sabre-rattling approach to China’

ASHLEY RINDSBERG: “What has landed us here is a combination of three of the Biden administration’s signature policies — its aggressive support for ESG, its proxy war against Russia, and its sabre-rattling approach to China. The result is that the US is now in an energy chokehold right when the country needs as many options as possible.” …

“The causes of surging oil prices trace back to structural changes Biden made to the economy, combined with now intractable foreign policy commitments, which, this late in the game, cannot be easily undone.” … 

“Those decisions go back to Biden’s very first day in office. On 20 January 2021, the new president signed an executive order revoking a permit required for the Keystone XL, an extension of an existing pipeline that would have transported an extra 830,000 barrels per day from Canadian oil fields to refineries in Texas. The move had its roots in Biden’s campaign strategy, which positioned Biden as a “climate change pioneer”. According to the text of Biden’s executive order: “The United States and the world face a climate crisis. That crisis must be met with action on a scale and at a speed commensurate with the need to avoid setting the world on a dangerous, potentially catastrophic, climate trajectory.” The Keystone XL pipeline “disserves” American interests, Biden said.

NetZero U-Turns Gives Hope to Taxpayers while Clarity on Reduced Climate Risk Relieves Eco-Anxiety says Friends of Science BY Friends of Science Society In the UK, Sweden and Germany, governments are making a U-turn from stringent NetZero policies as taxpayers clamor for relief, says Friends of Science Society. As policymakers and the public understand that an implausible scenario (RCP8.5) drove the fear of a climate emergency, but is now rejected, people are feeling relieved of […]

Even Bill Gates is backtracking — the air’s gone out of the climate-crisis balloon By Glenn H. Reynolds Has the air gone out of the “climate crisis” balloon? It’s starting to look like it. Some other causes du jour are looking limp lately, too. Oh, hysteria is still out there. In Boston this month, I passed a church where the door bore a lurid poster reading “DUE TO GLOBAL CLIMATE CRISIS, WORSHIP […]

John Kerry wants you dead!? Watch: Kerry in 2021: ‘Even if we get to Net Zero, we still have to get carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere’

JOHN KERRY in 2021: “Even if we get to Net Zero, we still have to get carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.” – JOHN KERRY, SPECIAL PRESIDENTIAL ENVOY FOR CLIMATE REMARKS on APRIL 22, 2021

Reality Check to Kerry’s anti-human rant: Washington State University report: “What is CO2? CO2 is a natural component of the atmosphere…CO2 is produced when people breathe. Each exhaled breath by an average adult contains 35,000 to 50,000 parts per million (ppm) of CO2 – 100 times higher than is typically found in the outside air (OSA).”

Dem States’ Carbon-Free Energy Plans Will Barely Make A Dent In China’s Projected Emissions, Report Finds

The John Locke Foundation report assessed the costs of “decarbonizing” electricity production across every state, standardizing each state’s maximum possible reduction in carbon dioxide emissions relative to 2005 levels in terms of how many daily minutes of new Chinese emissions those reductions would offset. The report found that states with carbon-free electricity goals, including California, New York and Minnesota, would not make much impact relative to newly-generated Chinese carbon dioxide emissions.

While California, New York, and Minnesota have committed to reaching 100% carbon-free energy production between 2040 and 2045, China permitted two coal plants on average in 2022, according to a report by the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air. China’s de facto dictator, Xi Jinping, insinuated in July that the country would not be bound by external factors and agreements, such as the United Nations’ Paris Accords, when it comes to charting its energy future, according to the Heritage Foundation. 

Offshore wind is systematically violating the Marine Mammal Protection Act By David Wojick New evidence says that offshore wind sonar surveys may have committed hundreds of thousands of violations of the MMPA, each potentially subject to tens of thousands of dollars in fines. The potential penalty total is in the billions. Moreover these incredible violations appear to be deliberate. These astonishingly bad findings flow from […]