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US banks must align lending with UN climate temperature targets: U.S. Treasury Dept pushing ‘the implementation of Net-Zero commitments by financial institutions’


We Must Stop The “Net Zero” Path To Economic Ruin

For those who don’t follow the left’s lingo, Net Zero is a new plan to move America to zero fossil fuel use and production by 2050. No oil. No gas. No coal. They also hate nuclear power and hydropower.

This is a diabolical scheme to destroy 70% of America’s energy and to forever deindustrialize the United States. We call it Fred Flintstone economics – as it would force the nation to rely on pre-industrial age energy sources. This plan of self-inflicted energy starvation would lead inevitably to food starvation and material deprivation.

Is anyone up for living life in the Middle Ages?

We’ve often lampooned the idiocy of the idea, but yesterday we got a chill down our neck when we read this Treasury Department advisory:

These people are as serious as a heart attack. The objective of the meeting was “supporting the implementation of net-zero commitments by financial institutions and facilitating the transition to a clean energy economy.”

CTUP has launched a new major project “No to Net Zero” to ensure that these first steps to Net Zero are NOT implemented. We will expose the financial institutions that have bought into this anti-America plot. This is an anti-Bud Light campaign times ten. Any Fortune 500 company that buys into this war against American prosperity needs to be identified, shamed, and, if that doesn’t work, boycotted.

We intend to use the same tactics that we have used to move financial institutions away from the ESG craze.